SEO Keyword Research Service That Brings Your Potential Traffic

As keyword research is an integral part of your SEO strategy, you must work on proper keyword research and analysis to get your ideal audience. If you are struggling to find profitable keywords for your business, just relax and pass this responsibility to us for getting the best keyword research service. From Exertpro, you will get affordable professional-grade solutions among the other keyword research companies around the world. Whether you have an e-commerce website or an affiliate site, just give us a knock, we will carry out your niche relevant keyword research.

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How Does Keyword Research Work

Not everyone is your ideal customer. In order to drive the potential audience to your website, ensuring your visibility on search engines with proper keywords is crucial. Low competitive, niche relevant keywords can reach your customers when they are looking for solutions you may help.

Niche Relevant Keyword Research

At first, it is essential to do in depth research on your business and niche. The more you can research on your niche, the better ideas and topics  you will find related to your industry.  Brainstorm every ideas and topics you can create content for your business & write it down in excel or spreadsheet. Review your website if it is okay or not.

Competitor Analysis

Market is competitive. You can follow your top competitors on search engines to know more about their strategy. No matter which industry you are in, it will definitely help you to make a well structured keyword planning. Depending on  the size of your competitors, you can choose your targeted keywords whether it is informative or buying.

Pick Profitable Keywords

You’re almost done. Now it is high time to generate profitable keywords for your business. Use some paid keyword research tools like Mozbar, SEMRUSH, Ahref’s etc. Following social media hashtags and trends, keyword planner, google trends can also help you out. If you can’t, just give us a try, we’ll make this happen.

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Know Your Goal

In order to drive the ideal audience on your website, it is essential to know your target plan how you want to run your business and get profits. By collaborating with us, firstly we’ll come to know your idea and execution plan that’s how we can easily brainstorm your business keywords.

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Research Your Niche

Competitive keyword research can be done when the keyword researchers have proper knowledge on your niche. To find relevant keywords for your business, we’ll do extensive research on your niche that’s crucial.

Brainstorm Keyword Ideas

Idea brainstorming can’t be ignored if you want to get the best output from your niche keyword research. We’ll take a look on suggested keywords from search engines, google trends, social media channels to make our brainstorming process more fruitful.

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Observe Top Competitors

Competitor analysis can give you an update of how you can improve your keyword research plan that works efficiently. No matter which stage you are in, we’ll always keep an eye on your competitors and find profitable informative and buying keywords.

Smart Use of Keyword Research Tools

We’ll use some paid keyword research tools that help us to generate more keywords for your business. We use those tools for short and long-tail keyword research that will definitely stick out from your competitors with proper keyword optimization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is keyword research important?

Your business needs people who have interest in your product or service. Most of the people conduct their research on search engines before taking their purchase decision. If you don’t work on proper keyword research, you can’t drive those traffic on your website. That’s the reason you must concentrate  on proper keyword research, this is mandatory.

What is your keyword research process?

We follow five different steps to make your project done. In those five steps, we analyse your niche, compare with your competitors, and pick the best keywords for your business. Using paid keyword research tools and other essential analytics are also included in our keyword research process.

How much do you charge for your keyword research services?

It depends on your niche, competitors and some other factors. We have different competitive pricing packages, you can check our latest charge in the pricing section. But, don’t panic, we are reasonable.

Why should I work with ExertPro for my keyword research services?

Maybe a question that will arise in your mind why you should take keyword research service from us. Well, undoubtedly, using the proper keyword can drive your targeted audience to your website, create more sales , increase your revenue. We ensure that you will get the best keyword research service from any other keyword research company  and get a high return on your investment.

What types of keyword research services do you provide?

From amazon niche keywords to e-commerce business keywords, we provide all types of keyword research services as per your requirements. It doesn’t matter if you have a niche site or a big e-commerce enterprise, we have different pricing packages to decide your own.

Why Can’t I Just Do Keyword Research on My Own?

At ExertPro, we don’t only offer an array of keyword research tools and solutions, but the expertise to leverage these technologies in a way that helps our clients identify opportunities to increase digital revenue and traffic. As well as other services to execute on these recommendations and keyword research strategies, such as meta data, content strategies, and development.