Professional Keyword Research That Actually Helps to Boost Organic Traffic

In the world of Search Engine (Especially Google) Rankbrain, A.I, and modern search engine algorithms traditional ways of keyword research just no longer effective. But our Advance method of Keyword Research Services unlock the visibility of your business websites.

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It works in 3 simple steps!!

The ExertPro SEO team offers cutting-edge keyword research strategies rooted in data and analytics to make your website visible in SERPs and land your keyword performance to the next level.

Niche Relevant Keywords Research

Niche Relevant keywords are highly specific keywords that focus on a certain topic or industry.
This type of keywords contains three or more words and tend to have a lower search volume because they are specific, but they drive more qualified traffic to your website.

Informative Keywords Research

Informational keywords that hold really a great search volume and that drive a huge number of traffic to your website. So if you are planning to have a website with plenty of informational articles, we here to serve you the best match info keywords according to your selected topic.

Buying Intent Keywords Research

Buying intent keywords are search queries that show someone is actively looking to make a purchase. It’s common for marketing agencies or companies to focus on high volume keywords that are somewhat related to your business.

Keyword Research Packages

Our Process Of Keyword Research

We Study your niche

Having plenty of keyword ideas is all well and good. But how do you know which ones are suitable for your niche? So we dive into the deep and scrap the best one. Did you even think, how we make it possible? It happens only because of the deep study of your niche.

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Brainstorm ‘SEED’ keywords

Seed keywords are the foundation of the keyword research process. Because it indicates the high number of traffic to your website and defines your niche and helps you identify your competitors. So we scrap the seed keyword for your business content that actually indicates the buying intent and relates to your customer’s needs.

Find the keywords your competitors rank for

We believe that looking at which keywords driven traffic to your competitor’s website is usually the best practice to start keyword research. So we Analyze your head to head competitors before starting keyword research for our clients. Then we select the best suitable keywords that actually contain a value and have the potential to generate revenue

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Proper Use Of Keyword Research Tools

We already know that competitors can be a great source of our keyword ideas. But there are still tons of keywords our competitors aren’t targeting, and we can find these keywords using keyword research tools. We can find out what’s the exact trend of the keyword and the potential of using keyword research tools is endless.

Why ExertPro is the Best Choice

Just remember that you’re not only looking for “easy to rank for” keywords. You’re looking for those with the highest return on investment. This is the best part of our service You’ll get a comprehensive list of keywords, and all the data that will enable you to consider where you should put your focus in terms of content creation. We’re using the most advanced, creative tactics.

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