Conversion-oriented Social Media Services To Level Up Your Business

From social media marketing to social media management, you will get almost everything in our social media services. As nowadays people are spending more time on social media, effective social media marketing strategy can leverage your business one step further. Don’t know how you can utilise this amazing marketing channel? Then you are cordially welcome to take this service from us.

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How We Work!

We make your project done with 3 simple steps

Step 01

We will discuss more details about your business to create our efficient social media marketing strategy. You have to share with us how you want to help people with that business, what your mission and vision is, etc. If you are just new in social media, at first, we will work on properly optimizing your social media profile. If you already have an account, we will give a check and love to know your past record from the analytics.

Step 02

According to your budget, we will set up a plan to promote your business. We will use both organic and paid social media marketing strategy to attract your potential customer and keep engaged on your social media profile. We advertise your product or service as social media advertising is so cost-effective. People will come to know about your brand, sooner we will encourage them to take any action that can help you to ensure your potential growth.

Step 03

Social media channels are a great way to directly communicate with your audience, so why should you miss it? In that case, we also include social media management in our social media package. We’ll maintain your social media community and convince them to make a purchase. So, you don’t need to worry about anything. We always give you an update of our progress, surely you can measure our potentiality with the help of analytics.

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Why You Should Consider ExertPro For Your Social Media Marketing Services

We have many specialized social media experts who will look after your social media business profile. Compared to the other social media marketing companies around the world, ExertPro provides you a big package of social media services at an affordable price. Moreover, we will value your money, we never compromise on our quality. We can ensure your guaranteed success with your social media profile. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can cancel your subscription anytime as your sweet will.

If you have a website, social media platforms can help you to drive your targeted audience on your website. Moreover, not only we are providing social media marketing but also we are offering search engine optimization in our marketing services. So, if you want, undoubtedly, you will choose our both SEO and social media marketing services.

Regular Updates

Easy Payment

We have various payment methods to ensure your transaction process is  easier and secure. Make your payment with no hassle, and enjoy our services.

Security & Backups

Seal The deal

Once you become our loyal customer, we are offering various custom offers and deals to see your happy face. Hopefully, you will enjoy during the time we are working together.

What We Offer In Our Social Media Services

Regular Posting and Updates

To ensure your organic growth, we regularly upload relevant content on your social media profile. It helps you to keep engaged with your audience and we also do some updates if needed.  

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Paid Advertising

We will run some paid ads to promote your product or service. We specifically target your potential customer who could probably make a purchase after seeing your advertisement.

Community Management

Communicating with your audience is essential because it helps you to build trust and scale up your business. We always manage your community by replying to their messages, comments, and many more.

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Progress Report

Each and everything we will conduct on your consent and give you an update after completing every campaign. You can also track our performance through the help of analytics and our weekly/monthly  progress report.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much to charge for social media marketing services?

It depends. Many factors you need to consider for selecting the charge of social media marketing. If you want to hire an agency like us, it will cost an average of  $50-$200/month.

How to sell social media marketing service?

Social media marketing services are getting popular for rapidly increasing the use of social media platforms. If you want to sell your expertise in social media marketing services, you can sell as a freelance basis in the online marketplace, or run a digital agency to find your ideal customer.

What companies use social media marketing?

Social media marketing is now popular in almost every startups, small businesses, corporations for ensuring their online presence. Many companies are now using social media marketing to promote their business and create their strong brand identity.

Is paid social media marketing a good idea?

Paid social media advertising is a good idea if you can properly optimize your campaign by choosing the right target audience. Besides, you also need relevant quality content that can grab your target audience’s attention. It will help you to make conversion, increase brand awareness and so on.

Which social media platform should I use to promote my business?

Well, different social media platforms have different audience segmentation. Do some research on the internet which platform your target audience is using most of the time. There are many popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter where you can ensure your online presence. But your audience’s interest is crucial to decide how much effort you will give in one specific social media platform.

What platforms do you manage?

Currently, Twitter, Facebook fan page, Facebook group, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest for any brand. In select cases, LinkedIn can also be managed on a case-by-case basis. The reason is that LinkedIn is exclusively used as a professional platform, and is used in a different capacity than other platforms.

Make Your Choice

We have various social media marketing services packages to decide your own. No matter which you need social media marketing services for small business or a big enterprise, we are ready to serve you. If you don’t know which package is compatible for your business, just let us know, our experts will help you to choose the perfect package for your business. Hopefully, our hard work and your dedication will pay off and leverage your business through this social media service.