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Not having a proper content strategy can lead to lower rankings in search results. Over time, this will lead to less traffic and visibility online for your site. But what if good SEO isn’t the only ranking factor? Surprisingly, the Content Strategy for google e-a-t is hitting hard for anyone with good SEO but zero content value. 

Are you afraid of losing your rank? Turns out, adding value expertise to the content is key now.  Though it doesn’t have a proper ranking factor, avoiding Google E-A-T violates what Google stands for. So, what should you do now? Today, you will know how you can pass Google E-A-T using some key tips. Let’s dig in.

What does Google E-A-T mean? Let’s find out

Google E-A-T isn’t your regular restaurant, lol. However, the concept is somewhat similar. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It’s like a way to promote content with more value-juice, rather than just good SEO. For a couple of months, SEO experts have been craving to improve their content plan for Google E-A-T. But why, though? Aren’t ranking factors enough? The easy answer is no. Almost every website offers good SEO services, yet only a few of them carry value. That’s why Google came up with E-A-T, which ranks websites to a higher based on research, higher authority, and trust. 

Now let us check what Google means with their E-A-T concept


To be exact, the expertise of a content writer reflects the knowledge, skills, and efforts he put into his work. But, the sad reality is, not every writer knows how to write with expert research. Yes, everyone can write on a common scale, yet the content clustering isn’t like a professional. 

If you put the right effort into your content, it adds up to the value. Readers will like to spend time on engaging content, where they can learn in-depth. 


What if you are an expert, but your competitor with more experience has the same niche/topic. Who do you think google will prefer? 

In this case, both of you covered the same thing, yet your competitor has more authority than you. So, Google will prefer the other content over yours. 


Suppose you have been good in Google’s eyes and publishing only valuable content. You also have a higher authority and a shining expertise factor. Additionally, you got tons of good reviews, and people trust you. For Google, your content will rank higher than a person starting new. 

Is E-A-T a Ranking Factor? Will, It Create an Impact on SEO?

No. But E-A-T influences all the ranking factors there are. This is why linking to websites of higher authority increases your rank over others.  A website with more valuable content gets ranks higher over others. It is only natural.  Google’s E-A-T forces website owners to publish good content clustering rather than pure SEO. Sometimes, content publishers rely on SEO rather than relating to the content itself. The matter gets out of hand when those content rank higher can cause potential harm.

Especially in the health care sector, people often die after they try fake remedies and medicines.  It is only natural for Google to find a way to give priority to content with better authority and trust. 

So, what do you think? Is E-A-T a ranking factor in your eyes? 

7 Easy Content Strategy for Google E-A-T In 2022

There are some ways you can get past the Google E-A-T. For it, just follow the strategy plan below. 

1. Learn from quality content

A saying goes, “Content is key.” The only way you can grow more supporters is to give them everything in a single pack.  If you have a website related to health, try to stick with scientific facts rather than hypotheses. Don’t write useless stuff just because your competitor wrote more. Keep it short and effective. 

2. Improve your linking

Though linking isn’t a Google way ranking factor of google, yet it helps your post rank high up. Getting suggested from a higher domain authority will let Google know you have value. 

Then again, you can link other sites related to your post as well. The act works both ways. 

3. Audit Existing Content

Audit of existing content is an official inspection of your older posts and keeping them up to date. How many posts you publish online, overall word count, and so on.  Try hiring some who knows what he is doing rather than searching online. There are special people who are trained, especially for this sector. 

4. Optimize Existing Content

Make them better. Google wants to support your efforts with its E-A-T. You can try tweaking a few words as well as adding more info. 

5. Optimizing Your Website for Google e-a-t

Websites with higher visibility and ease to use are best for E-A-T support. Give your website a new look. Don’t place anything unreachable, even for newbies. You should also try to keep your posts clean and easily scannable. In short, keep everything in check and easy to read.

6. Advance to more reviews

Getting positive reviews makes your sites more engaging. Your fans will support your site no matter what and, thus, you will have the best of both worlds. However, the only way you can get positive reviews is to give good content. Try publishing the things that no one else ever thought of. Keep it simple and unique.

7. Think topics over keywords/Content-clustering

In general, content clustering over keywords means giving your content everything related to the keyword. Suppose you have an automobile website. You should try to cover everything there is to cars, their problems, and how to bypass them. Don’t keep anything unchecked, and especially don’t give anything useless.


Can a page be too long for SEO?

Whether a page is long or short does not matter. What matters most is the content. If a web page contains content that is too long and filled with repetitive or irrelevant information, readers will reject it. But try to cover every related topic.

How can I improve my SEO eating?

First, include your information (if you are an author) in a text box under the content. Secondly, share your personal stories and interact with your audience to invest in your personal branding. Thirdly, cut your low EAT content to save your site’s reputation. Fourthly, make sure that your website has the safest technical issues. And finally, never write something without authentic sources or reliable links.

What is YMYL content?

YMYL stands for Your Money or Your Life. It indicates contents that directly impact the reader’s health, happiness, financial stability, and safety. News and topics related to legal advice, medical issues, economic issues, science, and technology, etc., are YMYL contents sits.

How do you create Google e-a-t content?

To create EAT content, choose an author who is an expert in a particular issue and ask him/her to create content on that. Attach the author’s information under the content and add his/her social media profile links. Your author’s expertise will bring you authoritativeness. If you run an e-commerce website, you should build it up secured with verifiable badges and certifications. Never forget to match your content with the search queries also.

What are the main 4 elements that Google wants?

The main four elements are content quality, technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. Create content that is relevant, precise yet informative, and answers all the queries. Next, be sure to place the keywords as per the rules, proper headings and create meta descriptions to cover the on-page SEO efforts. Link building, social media sharing, and local SEO are off-page SEOs to rank higher. In the end, check your site’s speed, feasibility issues, and other things to ensure technical SEO parts.


Content strategy for Google E-A-T alongside SEO content plan for Google will create the perfect balance for your website. Your content will rank higher without damaging reader value. Isn’t it wonderful? A win-win for both. To be frank, the value of good quality content will always exist. But Google’s E-A-T is the only resource that took a step for it. What do you think? Will this create any change in the present context? Let us know. 

And have a good day. 

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