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Are you looking for the best WooCommerce plugins for your WordPress website to enhance the functionality of your e-store?

WordPress itself is a versatile CMS platform to start a business/blog. On top of that, you can run your online store with the help of WordPress. But, right out of the box, WordPress is not like Shopify or Wix to have built-in e-commerce features for selling immediately. You have to install the plugin WooCommerce & you are one step close to starting your store on this web world.

Now, Woocommerce supports all the features that help you to design your eCommerce store. If you want to advance your store, you might use premium plugins to energize the WooCommerce basic features. Fortunately, there are some prominent plugins that can take your store to the next level.

But choosing the best plugins/addons which will be a perfect fit according to your preference is not an easy-to-do task. Because there are plenty of WooCommerce plugins for WordPress.

This article will help you to choose the best Woocommerce plugins as we’ve put together the list of top WooCommerce plugins to help you get started!

What does WooCommerce stand for?

WooCommerce is an official e-commerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce has everything you need to build a successful online store! With over 3 million downloads it’s no surprise that WooCommerce is so popular. 

WooCommerce is open-source e-commerce & free platform that allows anyone to set up their store without any technical knowledge or upfront costs. It powers over 37% of all online stores, and it’s so easy to use that you can run your site in no time. It’s easy to install, customize, and use. You can choose from hundreds of free or premium templates and extensions.

WooCommerce helps you automate your store with many extensions. So that it can grow with you as your company grows. It also comes with a robust API that lets developers create custom integrations for WooCommerce.

How to choose the best WooCommerce WordPress plugins?

When you are searching for the best WooCommerce plugins regardless of whether they are small or big, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to increase your sales or I might say conversion rate. If the visitor enters your e-store & doesn’t find it lucrative to visit then all your efforts may go in vain.  

Here Woocommerce extensions & addons play a vital role over the basic existing features. The decision of selecting the best plugins depend on what types of features you need to include to make your website more attractive & user-friendly:

Some tips to choose the best plugins for your store:

    1. Know the purpose of your website.
    2. Have clear information about the missing features that you need to fulfill.
    3. Choose an eye-attractive woocommerce theme.
    4. Most importantly know your budget

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Top 9 best WooCommerce plugins- Features & Pricing

1. Ultimate Product Catalog

The very first plugin on our list is Ultimate Product Catalog by Etoile Web Design. Right now, they are powering 10K+ business! This can be your ultimate product display plugin with its amazing woo commerce integration features. If you are new in the WordPress world then this can be an easy-to-use plugin because of its user-friendliness. This is a freemium plugin with a bunch of free & premium features.

Product Catalog Plugin

Take a look at their key features:

    1. Supports built-in Gutenberg Block to display product catalog having a pre-designed block.
    2. Users can view & switch product layout dynamically. No need to reload the page to view new products.
    3. Powerful filtering & sorting system for product categories, subcategories & product names.
    4. Dynamic search when filtering products.
    5. Supports Custom CSS feature to style catalog.
    6. For affiliate stores, set the sale price on “Product link”. You can toggle the sale price on/off for the entire catalog or specific product.
    7. Display recent product, product lists using product catalog widgets.
    8. Upload & import products directly from a spreadsheet.
    9. Overview mode of a product catalog.
    10. With WooCommerce integration, you can add, edit products, which will be directly updated on your WooCommerce cart.
    11. Add SEO-friendly product URLs.
    12. Supports the thumbnail option to view a shorter version of your product image.
    13. Social media sharing button.
    14. Users can compare options on product comparison pages.
    15. Custom fields for additional information & product manual.
    16. Product inquiry form using WP form & Contact Form 7.
    17. Show Product Ratings

Pricing Plans:

This plugin offers 7-days free trials. Three efficient plans are:

    1. Single Site License($57)
    2. 5 Site License($147)
    3. 10 site license($247)

2. Brizy

Brizy is a lightweight, simple & easy to use website builder also known for WooCommerce Page builder with 90K+ active installation. Its pro plan comes with custom templates for WooCommerce.

brizy WordPress

Drag & Drop elements you can add for a single product page through Brizy are:

    1. Product Title
    2. Product Price
    3. Gallery for the product image
    4. Buy Button
    5. Product description
    6. Product Meta(SKU, Category)
    7. Product review block
    8. Product ratings
    9. Related Products
    10. Breadcrumbs
    11. Stock
    12. Upsells

Pricing Plans:

Brizzy is a cheap page builder compared to others. Three plans they are providing

    1. Personal($49)
    2. Freelancer($99)
    3. Agency($199)

3. Zakeke Interactive Product Designer:

WooCommerce is a highly customizable plugin. If you are selling products like Shirts and Mug mobile covers, your inbox must be flooded for product customization. So, here comes Zakeke to help you customize your design, put them on the desired product & sell them. Zakeke turns customers into creators by allowing users to customize their products & see the final output for checkout. Zakeke editor will be embedded on your WooCommerce product page to make the transition between the product page to the checkout page impeccable.

zakeke wordpress plugin

Key features at a glance:

    1. Customization using drag & drop interface.
    2. Customers can use their own designs to create their unique products.
    3. Text customization with change color, rotation, fonts
    4. Access over 140 million high-quality images.
    5. 3D & AR visualization of customized models.

Pricing Plans

Zakeke comes with a 14-day free trial. Their starter plan($6.29/monthly) lets you customize only 3 products. Other plans are-

    1. Advanced($10.49/monthly)
    2. Unlimited($27.99/monthly)
    3. Unlimited+Configuarator($139.99/monthly)

4. YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion:

It is a powerful category accordion plugin that enhances usability by managing the WooCommerce categories into an accordion. With its easy configuration, the user interface becomes versatile & easy to use. Users can explore all the categories in an effective way by its practical toggle accordion.

YITH WooCommerce

Key Features are:

    1. Have four different preset styles to save your time.
    2. Create a widget to display the list of the categories.
    3. Show WooCommerce & WordPress categories/subcategories.
    4. Highlight your current category.
    5. Show tag & menu
    6. Set the level of the category
    7. Allow hiding categories
    8. Shortcode to add accordion on every page
    9. Category sorting
    10. Choose to show widgets & shortcodes

Pricing Plans:

Starting from $59.99/yearly, it offers 30 days money-back guarantee, 1 year of plugin updates & customer support.

5. Recommendation Engine:

WordPress WooCommerce has a default recommendation engine that shows related products in the ways – Cross-sells, upsells & related products on the basis of tags & Categories. But these features are too limited sometimes. So, WooCommerce is offering their paid extension called Recommendation Engine.

wordpress recommendation engine

Key Features are:

    1. It shows three types of related products: Related Products by view, Related Products by purchase history & products purchased together.
    2. To add related products, it has two widgets: WooCommerce Recommended Products & WooCommerce Purchased Products.
    3. Shows recommendation in a way that Netflix & Amazon shows.
    4. Automatic recommendation based on search history, purchase history, view & frequently purchased products.
    5. Create automatic cross-sells & upsells.

Pricing Plans:

You won’t get any free plans for this product. The premium plan will cost you $79/yearly with a 1-year extension update & customer support. Also, you will get 30-days money-back guarantee.

6. Livechat- Live chat plugin for WooCommerce:

Live chat feature is an integral part of any website on the web. Livechat is the top-listed live chat plugin for WooCommerce. It provides a seamless support experience for the customer on the e-store. It is a full-packed chatting plugin with additional tools- Tracking visitors, Trigger chat & feedback.

Live chat plugin

Key features at a glance:

    1. Provides customizable chat box widgets.
    2. Track the location & the page the users are on using visitor tracker.
    3. Trigger live chat when visitors are on your website.
    4. Collects customer feedback at the start & end of each chat.
    5. Support tickets for offline communications.
    6. Live chat transcripts are stored as reports for further analysis.
    7. Multichannel communication through SMS, Messenger, Apple Business Chat & more.
    8. Send pre-made answers for the popular question with a few key-strokes.
    9. On the go mobile app.

Pricing Plans: 

Live chat doesn’t provide any free plan but they have a free trial(Only for Team Plan) for 14 days. They offer four types of premium plan:

    1. Starter($16.00/month)
    2. Team($33.00/month)
    3. Business($50.00/month)
    4. Enterprise

7. YITH WooCommerce Custom order status:

If you want to give your customer effective & fast customer service then you have to maintain a seamless order management process on your e-commerce site. YITH Woocommerce custom order status is an advanced & highly customizable order management system where you can set different custom labels & actions for each order. It will let the owner monitor the full management of order purchases to order delivery in a more efficient way.

YITH WooCommerce Custom order status

Let’s have a look at their key features:

    1. Create unlimited customized order status.
    2. Make each order status  different using custom labels ( Unique color, text & icons)
    3. Get to overwrite WooCommerce order status.
    4. Have control of the action for each order.
    5. Trace all the orders with a status report.
    6. Send emails whenever any order status will be changed.
    7. Full freedom for customers to cancel orders & make payments & download order-related files.
    8. Have integration with YITH WooCommerce order tracking.

Pricing Plans:

This plugin will cost $79.99/yearly for a single site subscription. Also, you will get a 30-days money-back guarantee with 1-year updates with customer support.

8. Foxy-WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider:

To make your single product page more innovative & eye-attractive you need to responsive add a product gallery to show every aspect of the specific product. Foxy is a versatile & powerful WooCommerce gallery slider that enhances the usability of your single product page. Just a 1-click installation & your default WooCommerce product gallery will be a responsive gallery slider.

Foxy-WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider

Key features at a glance:

    1. Power-packed with 150+ options to customize your product gallery.
    2. Quickly set up the gallery with 8 types of one-click starter templates.
    3. Thumbnails can be shown both vertically & horizontally.
    4. Allows thumbnail preview hovering on dots or bullets.
    5. To show layouts, use dots, bullets & numbered arrows.
    6. Autoplay of image gallery & you can set the speed of the slide.
    7. Supports lightbox & image zoom option.

Pricing Plans:

To use Foxy plugin you have to pay only $21 & it comes with 6 months support feature.

9. Direct Checkout For WooCommerce:

Checkout is the ultimate step to place an order on an e-store. WooCommerce default checkout process can be reduced by a plugin called Direct Checkout For WooCommerce. This plugin is one of the famous checkout plugins having 60k+ active installations.

Direct Checkout For WooCommerce

Features at a glance:

    1. It enables one-page checkout- users can edit their cart & place orders on the same page.
    2. Removes unnecessary fields from the checkout options to speed up the order placement.
    3. Skip ‘Add to cart’ & ‘Reload Checkout Page’.
    4. The AJAX function allows adding single, multiple & grouped products to avoid reloading the checkout page.
    5. Direct checkout from the product page. 
    6. You can directly purchase from the single product page.

Pricing Plans

You will get a free plan of this plugin but with very limited features. Otherwise, they provide three premium plans on LTD!

    1. Personal($19)
    2. Agency($39)
    3. Developer($79)


What is the WooCommerce plugin?

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform with a focus on small to medium-sized online businesses. It’s designed for installation on top of WordPress, one of the most popular publishing platforms in the world. With the help of WooThemes, it has evolved into a powerful, easy-to-use e-commerce solution.

Why use the WooCommerce plugin?

WooCommerce turns WordPress into a powerful online shopping cart system. Whether you have a complete product catalog or a simple one-page storefront, WooCommerce provides the tools to present your products online in front of your customers. It seamlessly integrates with both the WordPress admin and front end, making it simple to manage your online store.

Is WooCommerce plugin free for WordPress?

Yes, it is absolutely 100 % free for WordPress users. They are also offering premium plans with tons of upgraded features.

How does the WooCommerce plugin work?

WordPress itself can’t make a normal website into an online shop. For that, you have to download the Woocommerce plugin from the WordPress repository. Then install & activate it on your WP-admin. After successful installation, you can add products, sell those & boost your business,

Is there anything better than  WooCommerce?

Yes, I can say Shopify, but it is out of WordPress. It is a completely cloud-based e-commerce solution that helps entrepreneurs & companies build their online store in a simple & easy way.


The 9 plugins we’ve listed are designed to make your e-store more functional, but they also each have a different focus. So, it’s your turn to decide which one is best for your store according to the purpose.

You will find tons of WooCommerce WordPress plugins in the WordPress repository, but you have to choose which one aligns perfectly with your websites’ needs.

One thing needs to be added, just adding the best plugin to your site will not help you to grow your online business. You should make sure that your WooCommerce site is running on the best web hosting plans. It ensures your store’s overall performance that also makes sure that all the plugins will run optimally.

We have shared with you our top 9 best WooCommerce plugins that will help your e-commerce business grow and flourish. Do you know about any other WordPress plugin that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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