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Website maintenance requires lots of time and strong technical expertise. As a solo business owner, it’s difficult to manage each and everything just with one hand. On the other hand, hiring an in-house IT expert is very expensive to carry out. If you’re struggling to run your online store smoothly, we are ready to serve you according to your needs.

If your website can’t provide a better user experience to your ideal customer, people will not stay on your website for a long time. Besides, ensuring your website’s security is essential for unexpected vulnerable cyber attacks. Our WooCommerce website maintenance service will definitely help you to run your online store without hassle.

Let’s deep dive into our WooCommerce website maintenance service in brief.


How We Serve Our WooCommerce Website Maintenance Service

Our WooCommerce website maintenance service has lots of features so that you don’t need to go anywhere else. We serve with our passion and maintain the quality of our work at a competitive pricing package. Let’s move on:



Update On A Regular Basis

Your WordPress website needs to be up to date. So in this case, our fast and foremost duty is to update your website on a regular basis. We have a team of dedicated WordPress experts who will manage your website smoothly. We focus on some core punctuality to  make your website smooth such as,

  • WooCommerce 
  • Theme 
  • Plugins 
  • WordPress 

From theme to plugins, we strictly monitor each and everything of your website if it needs to update or not. Updating your website can ensure better website performance. So we never compromise on it.


Ensure 24/7 Secure Monitoring

Online world is not only for good purposes. Anything can happen on the internet. So keeping your website safe is crucial for your business. We are here for you to enable strong security that keeps your website from malware, brute force attacks, and other vulnerable cyber attacks.

We enable two-factor authentication, install essential security plugins and take other necessary steps to ensure your website safety. You can rely on us and concentrate on other operations of your business without headache.


Configure Regular Backups

Your data is very important for your business. If somehow your website is corrupted, what will happen? You lose everything that you have generated from the starting of your business. We don’t want to take any risks. We regularly back up your essential data so that we can handle any unwanted situations.

Data is the new oil for this generation. As you’re running an online store, every piece of data is important. Though your website has strong security protection and is up-to-date, configuring regular backups is also a part of our WooCommerce website maintenance service.


Upgrade to the Latest PHP

Upgrading the latest PHP not only gives you a better experience but also provides strong security protection on your website. We check your website and make sure the latest PHP version is compatible with your website or not. If yes, we backup your data and upgrade your website to the latest PHP version.


Follow WooCommerce Development Best Practices

As an online business entrepreneur, you constantly have to face the latest innovation and technology. If you can’t go with the flow, it’s difficult to move forward. As we are specialized in WooCommerce and WordPress website maintenance and support, we always keep an eye on the best practices that both search engines prefer.

We have engaged in several WooCommerce communities as we have been working for many years in this industry. We know the best practices, follow those techniques and implement them on your website.


Uptime Monitoring

Your average website response time affects your user experience. If the website response time is not good, people don’t love to stay on your website for a long time. Ultimately it affects their purchase decision so that you will probably get a few conversions.

For better conversions as well as your potential growth, we never compromise on your website’s average response time. This is always in our top priority of WooCommerce website maintenance service.


Technical Website Audit

Our technical website audit includes checking the overall performance of your website. If there is an issue that affects your SEO or user experience, It should always be our concern. Basically, we regularly check the health of your website as we do for human beings.

This is our responsibility to fix your website-related issues so that you don’t need to think about it. But we obviously give you an update if there is any unexpected situation happening on your website.


Website Content Audit

Content is king but it becomes useless when you can’t optimize it for your targeted audience. We audit your website content on a regular basis and give you an update on how you can improve your content strategy.

Based on your content and SEO audit, you can make a plan that helps you to grow your business. Market is now competitive. In order to stand out from your competitors, you need seamless effort with the right strategy. We are here for you to be part of your successful business journey.


Optimize & Monitor Database

Regularly optimizing and monitoring your database can speed up your website’s response time. It helps you keep your website’s better performance, organize and access database’s essential data. Troubleshooting or other unwanted activities won’t happen if your database is regularly optimized.


WooCommerce Store Management

Managing your WooCommerce store is necessary to make better conversions. Your WooCommerce store needs regular updates and optimization for ensuring better user experience. From product listing to conversion optimization, we are here for you to make your job done. We regularly add product photos and descriptions according to your needs, show analytics reports, and figure out how you can get better conversion providing better customer experience.


Benefits of Hiring A WooCommerce Website Maintenance Service Provider

Hiring a top-notch WooCommerce website maintenance service provider not only helps you to manage your website but also minimizes your valuable time and money. Suppose, if you’re planning to build an in-house technical team, you need office space, need more time to train them, and spend more money from your pocket. But if you take the service from a web maintenance agency remotely, you don’t need to take those hassles. Let’s talk about what you can expect from an experienced WooCommerce website maintenance service provider:


One-Stop Expert Solution

If you’re choosing a renowned eCommerce website maintenance service provider, you can probably get expert solutions at an affordable price. These experts have been working for many years in this industry so they have the proper knowledge to manage your website. You will constantly get this service and other necessary advice from them until you’re canceling your subscription.


Outweigh the Hassles

Website maintenance is not easy for a non-technical person. You probably manage it somehow but professionalism matters. Besides, it takes your valuable time which you can invest in the other side to grow your business. Why should you take those hassles? It’s better to hire an experienced website maintenance company that can handle your website as their own.


Flexible pricing

Compared to in-house team building or having an IT expert for your business, hiring a dedicated website maintenance company is less expensive. You don’t need to rent extra office space just pay as you need. You can take the service for a weekly or monthly basis and even for an hour. Sounds good? The best part of getting the service from an agency is its reasonable pricing. You invest less, get more from a website maintenance company.

WooCommerce Website Maintenance Service

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24/7 Support

Almost every renowned website maintenance company like ExertPro has an awesome customer support team. They never get tired of knowing your issues whether it is technical or business-centered. You pay for each and every hour so they are committed to providing top-notch quality service and constant support when it’s necessary.


Why Should You Choose ExertPro?

There are many eCommerce website maintenance service providers you will find in the market but why should you choose us? We specialize only in WooCommerce website maintenance support. Our team is a combination of highly skilled WordPress/WooCommerce experts, SEO executives, and other industry experts to look after your website as well as your business. We have some specialty so that you can think of choosing us:


ExertPro Know What We Do

We are serving many years with a strong well reputation worldwide. Our team members are highly skilled and they are always aware of the latest technology and innovation. We work as your external team of business but our pricing is comparatively cheaper than other eCommerce website maintenance service providers. Ensuring top-notch service with guaranteed satisfaction is always our top priority.


Excellent Customer Support

Customer support is crucial for website maintenance service. You need any support at any time to fix it. If you don’t get the support at the right time, your ultimate effort may go wrong. Fortunately, we have a dedicated support team that takes care of your issues no matter when you need it. We are always active to know your technical and non-technical problems and sort this as soon as possible.


Quick Response Time

Though we have a specific office time, we have different team members for different shifts. We value your urgency and we know it’s important to have conversion on time. Whether you are looking for a solution or discussing it with us for making wise business decisions, we’re always ready to help you.  Our customer support team is trained with fast response so that you never feel bored communicating with us.


Scheduled Reports

You have the right to know what we’re doing for your business. There is no hidden task between us and we love to share each and every update of our work. For monthly and weekly packages, we always give you a progress report where you can see what we are actually doing and what needs to be done for growing your business. By collaborating with your vision and our constant support, you will have a clear idea to move forward.


Final Thought

Website maintenance is an ongoing and constant activity that must be considered for an online store owner. Spend a little amount for your eCommerce website management and get a high return on your investment. You can undoubtedly rely on the ExertPro team, see our different pricing packages to choose your own. Feel free to reach us for further discussion.

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