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The key to an online store’s long-term success is increasing conversions. You won’t profit from your business if your site visitors don’t buy. So you must focus on your E-commerce conversion rate optimization.

The E-commerce CRO process includes several strategies. Those are using the product’s high-quality video and image, giving limited-time coupon codes, providing free shipping opportunities, and designing a responsive website.

Some more strategies are charging competitive prices, using chatbot and live chat software, offering various payment methods, and building unique selling propositions.

This guide will explain many more tricks for boosting sales and increasing the conversion rate. So, keep reading it till the end!

What Is E-Commerce Conversion Rate?

You have probably seen the “E-commerce CRO” term before but are unaware of what it is, right? Well, we will make your concept clear today. Simply, your website visitor’s percentage who bought products or services from your online store is called the e-commerce conversion rate.

Your site’s user experience’s every aspect affects the conversion. And it’s a broad topic to discuss. When your site’s visitors complete an action, whether signing up for an email list, upgrading a subscription, or making a purchase, you want them to fulfill.

You must understand how your customers behave, feel, or think to do it. Understanding your customer’s point of view is important to lead to better user experiences and conversions.

What Is E-Commerce Conversion Rate

What Is E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization?

Developing your online store’s conversion rate through incremental or small improvement is called E-commerce CRO. Naturally, your website can experience more conversions by ensuring a better user experience.

CRO is a full set of marketing tactics to increase your website’s percentage that makes a conversion. The marketing strategy includes the use of persuasion psychology to encourage visitors to take their desired action. CRO marketing tactics often include A/B testing, multivariate, and split.

CRO improves your user’s shopping experience by driving a specific KPI like sales. You can conduct the conversion rate optimization on your website’s following pages

  • Home Page
  • Landing pages
  • Category pages
  • Product pages
  • Checkout experience

You must constantly test your website personalization’s each aspect to increase your online store’s conversions.

What E-commerce Conversions Contain?

Usually, the e-commerce brand’s website conversions include the following:

  • Online sales
  • Email signups
  • Potential customers adding products to cart or wish list
  • KPI that your company finds valuable
  • Social media shares

How To Calculate Conversion Rate Optimization

Why Is Conversion Rate Optimization Crucial For Your Business

You can easily calculate your site’s conversion rate following the formula below:

Number of Conversions = (Total Number of Visitors / Total Number of Conversions) *100

The above formula will be clearer to you by seeing its practical uses below.

Let’s assume last month your website gained 2000 visitors. Out of these 2000 visitors, 120 purchase products from your site. So, in this case, your site’s conversion rate is (120 / 2000) * 100 = 6%.

You can easily check your site’s conversion rate at store analytics and web. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly monitor and benchmark your site’s overall conversion rate. After seeing the changes in this rate, you can see the business’s success or failure.

Why Is Conversion Rate Optimization Crucial For Your Business?

If you think flatley doing online business without adopting any strategy is enough for success, then sorry, you are wrong. Unfortunately, the business owner with this thinking lives in a fool’s paradise.

Today’s online and offline product market is highly competitive. So you must adopt special strategies to build a solid foundation for your business. So the question is, why is CRO important for your online store or ecommerce site?

The answer is it is important because it directly impacts your revenue. The higher conversion rate implies more leads and sales. And greater sales mean greater and increasing revenue.

You can acquire customers for your business at a lower cost through E-commerce conversion rate optimization. Your customer acquisition pays off when the conversion rate is high. By increasing the CRO, you can reduce your spending on different forms of marketing like Facebook Ads.

Performance marketing’s vital part is CRO. You can measure your website’s progress in achieving particular marketing goals through it. We recommend you improve your website’s CRO continually to get better results.

E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization: Strategies For Boosting Sales

The strategies to boost sales and optimize conversion rates are as follows:

1. On Product Pages, Use High-Quality Video & Images

When you step on a website to shop for something, what do you look at first? Think wisely! Most customers, including you, want to see the product’s image or video while shopping.

One problem with online shopping is that you can’t add or touch the product. So, in this case, you must depend on the product’s clean and high-quality images and videos. Through these, you can know exactly how the product is or what you are shopping for.

Your potential customers can better visualize your products by adding high-quality images and videos to the product page. After seeing the details, if your customers become satisfied, they will shop for the product. Ultimately it will increase the conversion rates and boost sales.

2. Give Limited-Time Coupon Codes

Do you know what attracts the customers most during shopping? Its discounts or coupon codes. If you offer these codes to your customers, they will more likely visit your site. For a limited time, your customers can use these coupon codes for checkout and purchase a specific amount.

The code’s expiration date will create an urgency sense within your shoppers. And discount or coupons code helps your customers to make their product-buying decision without distractions.

3. Provide Free Shipping Opportunity

Many customers cancel their product buying decision due to the excessive shipping cost. Today’s market is very competitive, and providing a free shipping facility is essential to attract more customers.

Believe us; your clients will look elsewhere if you don’t offer them free shipping facilities.

However, you can charge an increased price for your products or services to cover the free shipping cost. But there is a problem too with charging too much excessive price. Nowadays, shoppers are smart, demanding, and savvy. So if you add an overpriced seal, your visitors will move quickly elsewhere.

4. Charge Competitive Price

Many online stores, just like yours, sell brand items. So you need to set a competitive price for your products and services. We recommend you set your product’s price below the average price with minimum profit to compete in the market.

You must frequently adjust your product’s price to profit from your business. Your product marketing and imagery quality heavily influence the price that your customers want to pay. You must market your brand with the right message to the right audience to profit from it.

5. Use Chatbot & Live Chat Software

Sitting 24/7 in front of your computer to answer your customer’s query is impossible. Actually, there is no need to do so. Use your online store’s chatbot and live chat software to interact with your customers.

Quickly this software will provide the necessary answer to your customer’s questions. And they don’t need to wait long times over the phone. Chatbot and live chat software are two alternative options to each other.

These elements replace the need for humans for live chat and increase customer interaction and engagement. If the chatbot interacts with your customers even during the off hours, your business will surely experience the greatest success.

6. Use Shopping Cart Software

Your online store’s conversion rates and sales can greatly increase with the abandoned cart software if you deal with it consistently. Some eCommerce platforms as part of their store functionality offer this type of software at no cost.

This software’s success is different for almost every business. But surely, if you use it in your online store, it will help to boost sales.

7. Design Easy Site Structure

Logically, structure your product categories like “Shop by Product,” “Shop by Brand,” “Shop by Colour,” etc. Its only aim is to ensure that your customers will get the products easily.

Also, to simplify your customer’s product-finding process, you can showcase top products by setting up a rotating banner. Another way is to implement the website search technique. It will allow your customers to find their desired products easily.

8. Display Shopping Cart Contents

Your customers fail to check out when they can’t find their shopping cart. So we recommend always showing the shopping cart contents on your website.

Using a link, you can show the shopping cart. By clicking the link, the customers can see what they purchase before checking out.

9. Provide Product Descriptions In Details

Another CRO strategy for boosting online store sales is providing detailed product descriptions. Your customers don’t have the opportunity to practically check the product, try it, or put it in.

So it’s your responsibility to provide your product’s full information so that they don’t need to ask you any questions. Moreover, this product description will significantly help to prevent returns. A fantastic supplement in your product’s description is adding a product demonstration or video.

10. Make The “Checkout” & “Add To Cart” Buttons Prevalent

You can prompt your customer’s purchasing process with an actionable button. The button will stand out from your site’s all existing text and images. Also, the button will guide the customers about what they should do.

We recommend adding customizable “Buy” or other buttons on your website to gain more conversions and boost sales.

11. Build A Unique Selling Proposition

Why should your potential customers buy from you? You must explain it to them. Almost every seller sells the same product. So how will the customers differentiate your products from others? You must develop a unique value proposition to create a difference and stand out from your competitor.

Be Smart, Be Productive, Be Funny, and Be You. Refrain from copying others’ propositions. Otherwise, your customers will shop elsewhere when they don’t find any difference.

12. A/B Testing

In this era of fierce business competition, you don’t have any chance to overlook the importance of marketing experiments. One of the most powerful tools for marketing experiments is A/B testing. It is also called split testing.

Through A/B testing, you compare a web page’s two versions to see which version performs better. It is growth marketing’s important part. This test lets you make informed decisions about your website’s necessary changes. It ultimately results in your business’s best outcome.

13. Use Customer Feedback On Your Site

Do you know why some people purchase products from Amazon? Well, it’s nothing but the presence of available product reviews. Customer reviews are an important factor in boosting sales in today’s digital shopping world.

The potential customers and shoppers get a signal about your business’s success and validity from the customer’s reviews. Positive reviews can make your business, and negative reviews can break it.

We recommend you offer your customers incentives and coupon codes as a reward for getting positive reviews from them.

14. Build A Customer-Oriented Product Return Policy

Before buying products, most customers read its return policy, including you. So, have a great return policy for your business products. But we warn you not to over-promise here. Make the return policy easy and painless for your customers.

It’s less likely a conversion optimization tactic and more likely it’s a basic business practice. You will gain your customer’s trust if you offer an easy-to-use return policy. Ultimately it will help to improve your conversation rates and drive more sales.

15. Prominently Display Your Business Phone Number

Your customer’s anxiety reduces to a great extent when they see the phone number displayed on your website. The displayed phone number assures your customers that they can pick up the phone and contact you if they require it.

This touch of authenticity can help you to go a long way to increase your online store’s conversion rates.

16. Capture Emails

There is no guarantee that just on the first visit, your site’s visitors will convert into your customers. Mostly they take more than one session to become customers. So you must capture your customer’s email when they first visit your website.

You can effectively capture emails by offering coupon codes or through the pop-up. If you have their emails, you can continuously market to them while they are confused about taking decisions. This strategy will significantly boost sales and increase your site’s conversion rates.

17. Content Enhancement

A great method of E-commerce conversion rate optimization is content enhancement. Through this, you must improve your website content’s quality and quantity.

The broad goal of content enhancement is to provide the necessary information to your visitors. It will enable them to make purchasing decisions. Write functional, valuable, and greatest content to increase the value of your products and services.

Your customers will more likely buy from you if you can provide more product information to them. Educate, engage, and inform your target audience through writing blog content.

Also, write valuable content for your product landing pages. Add greater value to your customers by informing them about your products. And it will surely increase your site’s organic SEO traffic.

18. Quickly Grab Your Customer’s Attention

When customers land on your website, the first few seconds are very important. You must have the necessary arrangement to grab your customer’s attention within the first few seconds. Otherwise, your customers will go somewhere else.

So to quickly grab your customer’s attention, the first thing is to use product images and videos on your site. Subconsciously the visitors judge a product by seeing how you represent them.

We recommend you use a large image of the product on the homepage. It will positively catch your visitor’s attention. And they will be able to choose the products carefully.

19. Workflow Improvement

Workflow improvement involves optimizing the design of your website to make your site completely user-friendly. The goal of this strategy is to reduce friction. It ultimately makes it easy for your customers to find their desired products.

We recommend you assess the design of your website. And find out the necessary areas of improvement. The workflow improvement areas may include the following:

  • Redesigning checkout pages
  • Adding a search bar
  • Simplifying navigation

Doing all of these is important for your E-commerce conversion rate optimization.

20. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Your website’s available payment method significantly affects the conversion rate. Customers will refrain from buying your products due to inconvenient payment methods. Also, sometimes your customers can’t even buy that product even if they want due to limited payment options.

So, the best option is to offer multiple payment systems to your customers. They will purchase a product and provide the bill according to their convenient payment options. Nonetheless, you can offer the following payment methods to your clients:

  • Online payments via Stripe, PayPal, and other services
  • Cash on delivery
  • Debit cards
  • Gift cards
  • Credit cards

21. Spell Check Everything

Improper formatting and misspelled words are evidence of your unprofessionalism. So you must spell everything correctly. Checking the spelling may seem like a minor tactic.

But believe us, misspelled words can cause misunderstanding. Correct spelling and grammar of your copy are crucial to proving yourself as an intelligent and serious businessman.

22. Personalize

To boost sales, you must personalize your site’s user experience. And there should be no excuse for it. Powerful communications and user tracking software are available, using which you can personalize your customer’s experience.

You can shorten the path to boost sales and increase conversion rates by creating a personalized customer experience. This experience allows your users to focus across your platforms.

23. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

Shifting toward mobile devices or focusing more on them is one of the biggest trends in e-commerce technology. Nowadays, most people shop using their mobile. So, your site won’t reach too many users or visitors if it isn’t responsive or mobile-friendly.

Therefore, your first job is to ensure your website is responsive and fits great on mobile, desktop, laptop, and other screens. The mobile-friendly website provides a great user experience. Also, it helps to boost conversions and customer loyalty.

23. Add Filters To Category Pages

Your customers can easily navigate their required products by using filters. Filters help the customers to drill down to their required right products. So another important trick for boosting sales and increasing CRO is to add filters to your site’s category pages.

Customers share different questions about products and services. Perform research and find out your customer’s queries. After that, based on those questions, add a filter for them on the category pages.

24. Measure Your CRO Success

Whether your strategies, changes, and tweaks are working, there are several ways to check them. The most obvious one is checking the success of your site’s conversion rate.

Track the conversion rates of your online store day-over-day, month-over-month, and year-over-year. Or you can customize the tracking time according to your convenience. You can see the results easily on your Analytics Dashboard or Dashboard.

How To Measure Your E-commerce CRO Success?

E-commerce CRO rate measuring involves tracking your online store’s progress using the right metrics. You must track the following crucial metrics to measure success.

  • Net New Customers: After putting in the conversion optimization effort, how many new customers have you gained? Track that new customer’s total numbers.
  • Conversion Rate: It is the visitor’s percentage who purchases from your website or takes the desired action.
  • Lead Goal: After putting in the conversion optimization efforts, the number of leads generated on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization in E-commerce?

Increasing the conversion rate percentage from a mobile app or website is called conversion rate optimization.

How Do You Optimize Conversion Rate?

The best practices to optimize the conversion rate are:

  • For all the Call-To-Action buttons, use a strong color
  • Above the fold, put the CTAs
  • To drive more sales, use urgency
  • Display testimonials and customer feedback on your site’s front
  • On your forms, use fewer form fields

Why Is The E-commerce Conversion Rate Important?

The E-commerce conversion rate is crucial because it helps to turn your site’s visitors into real customers. Moreover, you can earn more revenue from your existing and new customers through conversion rate development.

Final Words

Nowadays, e-commerce and retail business have become competitive. And online shopping is a driving force of this business. So, to ensure your online store’s short and long-term success, having your successfully implemented website is a must.

Your online business’s priority should be boosting sales and focusing on improving e-commerce conversion rate optimization. Boosting the conversion rate encourages your customers to buy their desired products.

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