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If you want to keep your website ranking high on search engines, then you need to have a monthly SEO plan. Without SEO, your website will eventually become buried under all the other websites out there. But, with a monthly SEO plan, you can monitor your website’s performance, find the latest trending keywords, and update your website accordingly. Not sure where to start? Check out our complete monthly SEO checklist below.

What Are Monthly SEO Services?

Monthly SEO service is the process of providing month-to-month SEO services to increase the ranking of your website on Google search results. Therefore, it is also known as the monthly ongoing SEO service. In most cases, ongoing monthly SEO services include off-page and on-page optimizations.

These optimizations include link building, keyword research, keyword targeting, content writing, content optimization, and many more. Even though the ongoing SEO services of every company differ, but, in general, the monthly SEO packages cover the following:

  • Keyword research and optimization
  • One-time SEO audit
  • Keyword ranking monitoring
  • Local SEO optimizations
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Image SEO
  • Content writing, development, and promotion
  • SEO reporting etc.

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Why Do You Need Monthly SEO Packages?

SEO is one of the best digital marketing methods to boost your website’s ranking. Also, SEO helps to obtain and convert valuable leads and increase overall sales. But even with the SEO tool from the #1000 ranking, you will not suddenly reach the number 1 position. To get the #1 position, you must ensure continuous SEO service for your site.

Only continuous monitoring and optimization can ensure your site’s highest revenue generation and long-term organic traffic. And this is where the importance of monthly SEO services comes.

The packages and offers of ongoing SEO services vary from company to company, but the benefits of SEO remain the same. However, the following points will make it more clear to you why you require constant SEO services:

  • Boost your website to the top ranking and maintain the ranking constantly over the time
  • To outrank the competitors over the period or in the long term
  • Increase the organic traffic, sales, leads, and conversions
  • Maximum revenue generation and long-term organic profit
  • Websites get top ranked for relevant searches
  • Make your business a brand
  • Increase the trustworthiness among the users

If you do SEO once on your site you will not get the benefits. Instead, you must implement SEO constantly and on a long-term basis to get the best results. 

We strongly recommend you take the best business strategy and implement monthly SEO to get the best benefits. Over time your business website can gain significant online visibility with the help of a monthly SEO plan.

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The Complete Monthly SEO Checklist

You may have a question in mind what does monthly SEO include? Actually, the monthly SEO checklist differs depending on different companies. However, the ongoing SEO checklist generally includes monitoring website performance, analyzing competitors’ SEO, performing backlink analysis, and finding the latest trending keywords.

Also, some more things included in the checklist are updating your site, creating new content, improving existing content, etc. In addition, the search engine submission, monitoring page speed, load metrics, and running website diagnostics are included in it. 

However, below, we will discuss the in-depth details of all these factors one by one. So, let’s start the discussion:

1. Monitor Website Performance

One of the most crucial monthly SEO tasks is monitoring the performance of your website. Evaluate the website’s ranking, performance, and speed. If your site is old enough, there is a high chance of high performance.

But still sometimes for some unknown factors your site performance can reduce. The monthly SEO service will help you maintain your site’s high performance consistently over time. In fact, your site will perform better if you follow the monthly SEO plan.

2. Analyze Your Competitor’s SEO

Analyzing the SEO strategy of your competitor is one of the main tasks included in almost all the monthly SEO packages. To examine your competitors, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Identify your SEO competitors
  • Evaluate the difficulty of your selected keywords
  • Try to grab the new keyword opportunities
  • Analyze your competitor’s on-site content and on-page optimization strategy
  • Check out the backlink profile of your competitor and
  • Examine your competitor’s site structure and UX

3. Perform Backlink Analysis

If you take the monthly SEO service from any company, they will perform the backlink analysis for you. However, your website backlink’s comprehensive review is called backlink analysis. Backlink analysis helps to compare the performance of your site.

Also, it helps to identify those issues which affect your site’s overall search engine ranking. Therefore, backlink analysis is most important for your site and includes into almost all SEO packages.

4. Find The Latest Trending Keywords

The foundation of SEO is keyword research. Quickly find the keywords with the latest trending and high possibility of ranking. With “Google Suggest,” you can find out the long tail keywords. Find out which types of keywords people are searching for and then create content on these. 

You must find the best trending keywords to optimize and rank your site better on the search engine.

Our keyword research service can help you get the best results by connecting you with experts in the field. With our service, you can get the most out of your research and ensure that you are getting the best possible results.

5. Update Your Website With The New Keywords & Phrases

So, another important job is to update your website with the latest keywords and phrases. First, using the keyword research tools, identify the keywords with low competition. And then update your site with those low-competition keywords. 

Before selecting a new keyword must focus on the search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, estimated visits, trends, etc.

6. Create New Content

Content is king, especially in the case of SEO. So, the most crucial thing your monthly SEO checklist should include at the top is creating new content. Design an effective strategy for creating content.

Do keyword research and write content on those keywords which have a high probability of getting a ranking. Also, check the method of creating a structure for your website’s content for SEO success.

7. Re-optimize & Improve Existing Content

Search algorithms mainly prioritize those websites which produce reader-friendly and engaging content. Therefore, if your site already has numerous content, you should optimize the existing content for better user engagement.

Typically producing new content takes more time than optimizing it. Also, you can generate traffic faster by bumping your existing content from the second to the first page. Therefore, optimizing existing content is better than developing a new one.

8. Search Engine Submission

To appear on the search engine’s results, your site needs to be listed and indexed on the search engines. Search engine submission is the process by which your website becomes listed on search engines.

Search engine registration is another term for it. Now, if you take the monthly SEO services, the service provider will do this job for you. However, listing on a search engine does not necessarily mean that you will rank for the particular terms. Instead, it means that the search engine knows your page’s existence well.

9. Monitor Page Speed & Load Metrics

Another important task that you must do is to monitor your site’s page speed and load metrics. Now when you take SEO services from a particular company on a monthly basis, they will scan the page speed and load metrics for you.

You can understand the overall performance of your website through monitoring and loading metrics. In addition, you can measure the reach and impact of your audience and identify the traffic sources. 

Moreover, this analysis lets you measure the bounce rate and average session time. Furthermore, by monitoring the page speed, you can measure your site’s conversion rates, ROI, and profit.

10. Run Website Diagnosis

Whether there is any problem with your website or not, run a website diagnosis test to identify this. On your behalf, this test will be run by the company from which you will take the monthly SEO services. However, your website’s general troubleshooting steps are as follows:

  • Refresh the page
  • Ensure the JavaScript and Cookies are enabled
  • Clear your site’s cookies and cache
  • Ensure the updated version of your web browser
  • Restart your browser or try a different browser

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best monthly SEO service provider?

For taking the monthly SEO service, the best option for you is ExertPro. In simple words, ExertPro LLC is the best monthly SEO service provider.

How much do monthly SEO services cost?

How much the monthly SEO services cost depends on the companies and different SEO packages.

Is paying for monthly SEO services really worth it?

Paying for monthly SEO services is worth it because it will help you improve your site’s overall position on search engines. And your site will get more organic traffic and will generate more revenue.

How do I create a monthly SEO plan?

To create your monthly SEO plan:

  1. Create the keywords list and analyze the first page of Google.
  2. Create something better or different and add a hook.
  3. Optimize your content for on-page SEO and search intent.
  4. Focus on the overall design of your content. 

Final Thoughts

So, finally, we are here at the end of this article, and you now know all the things included in the monthly SEO checklist. SEO is crucial in improving your site’s performance and overall growth. Thus you should take monthly SEO services from a renowned company like ExertPro.

ExertPro provides all types of SEO services like Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, Content Writing, Local SEO, and many more. So, whatever services you require, knock us, and we will surely serve you the best package.

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