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Google My Business account is a greater means of claiming your Business profile ownership and attaining management rights. GMB is a business tool that enables you to optimize and manage your business profile on Google.

When the searchers search for relevant keywords, your GMB profile appears in Google Search’s local results and Google Maps. There are several Google my business ranking factors 2023 that affect the ranking of your business profile on Google.

Those factors are a complete profile with updated information, GMB listings, Business listings verification, proximity to searchers, keywords in the business title, etc. Other factors are a link to local pages, high-quality photos, regular posting, Q & A section, reviews, and responses.

In today’s guide, we will present all the factors in detail that affect your Google My Business account’s ranking. So, keep reading!

What Is Google My Business?

In a business’s marketing strategy, the most integral part is the local SEO and Google search. And this is where Google My Business comes into play. Google’s free tool is Google My Business for local businesses and large corporations.

Your business can get the best output of its online presence with a GMB account by generating better local search strategies. Also, the Google My Business account helps display the business location on Google Maps and tap into Google reviews.

How Does Google Determine My Business Ranking?

The algorithm of Google for its search engine results incorporates several ranking factors. Understanding the ranking process of Google is crucial if you want to pop up relevant searches to potential customers.

It is also crucial if you are willing to rank higher on Google search results by showcasing customer reviews. However, Google considers the following three primary factors for your Google My Business Ranking.

  • Relevance: the first important consideration is your Google My Business’s relevancy to the keywords. Does it match the customer’s needs?

If yes, then Google will provide rank to your My Business account. Ultimately your business name and other information will appear in the local search results.

  • Prominence: Google will provide a higher rank to your Google My Business account if your business has higher PR and more social media presence. However, it does not necessarily imply that you have to use duplicate listings or any other trick.

Offering prominence will significantly improve the result of your search engine optimization. It will be helpful if you want your business to make a brand and rank in Google search queries.

  • Distance: You can link Google Maps and your GMB listing if the customers search for a local business to fulfill their needs. Also, it will allow you to find new customers. Especially for the local home service business, this one is beneficial.

What Are The Google My Business Ranking Factors 2023?

Google My Business (GMB) is a tool that dramatically enhances your business profile to increase its effectiveness and visibility on Google. However, several factors affect the ranking of your Google My Business account, and those are:

1. Complete Data & Updated Information

Google My Business Ranking Factors

To enjoy the benefits of the Google My Business platform, you must keep your profile up-to-date with complete information. Ensure your business’s information is displayed on the local search results panel. Also, keep the data up to date through your Google My Business dashboard.

For a higher ranking on the search results, you must update your Google My Business profile with the following information:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Business categories
  • Hours of operation

2. Business Listing(S) Verification

To rank on Google, your Google My Business needs to be verified. Usually, during the account creation, Google requests for verification. Also, when you update any crucial information on your Google My Business account, it asks for confirmation.

Through verification, your Google My Business account will automatically be more authentic than its competitors. Also, it helps boost your account’s appearance on the SERPs.

Getting the “Google Guaranteed” authentication will be an extra benefit for your business. This green badge helps significantly to gain the trust of your customers.

3. GMB Listing

Make sure the GMB listing of your Google My Business account is available on Google Maps. According to research, businesses in the US get a more significant percentage of their view from Google Maps-based results.

Automatically your Google My Business GMB listings are added to Google Maps. Also, through Google Maps, potential customers can search for your business. And obviously, the customers can easily find the listed company.

4. Primary Category

The primary and additional category in your business is the relevant ranking factor of your Google My Business account. Make sure that the relevant primary category is available with every business listing. Additional categories, if pertinent to your business, include them too while filling out the primary category.

We recommend adding as many relevant primary and additional categories to your business for better ranking on SERPs. Also, regularly updates the categories.

5. Proximity To Searcher

Google serves those GMB listings on the search results that are close in proximity to the searcher’s location. Proximity to the searcher’s location is a crucial Google My Business ranking factor, but it is beyond your control.

6. Keywords In Business Title

For ranking’s sake, you shouldn’t keyword stuff in the name of your business. But there is no way to deny that keywords in the business title are another critical Google My Business ranking factor.

Don’t do keyword stuffing. But if you have naturally descriptive words or keywords in your business name, it will be better in GMB.

7. Link To Local Pages

Most businesses link their website’s homepage on GMB. But for the multi-location business, the recommendation is to link on their location pages.

Google can find the local content easily by crawling the location pages. Connecting the local pages sends excellent relevancy signals to Google.

8. High–Quality Photos

Business listings with photos drive more clicks as they are considered more reputable. So another factor that affects the ranking of your Google My Business is adding high-quality images.

Adding high-quality images to your business listings can significantly help the home service or local business rank on SERP. Also, My Business profile with photos is more trustworthy and legitimate to local searchers.

Your Google My Business can rank higher on Google and motivate more potential users to engage by fostering authenticity. After all, each image of your business is worth a thousand words.

9. Post Regularly On Your Google My Business Profile

By posting regularly on your Google My Business profile, you can keep your customers updated. The post can be regarding seasonal offers or discounts, general announcements, blog posts, and more.

If you post regularly, Google will understand that your Business profile is active enough. Ultimately Google will provide a higher ranking to your My Business account. However, to post the updates on your GMB account in the best way, you must do the following:

  • Post consistently and ensure regular engagement
  • Drive greater customers to your business by including CTAs and links
  • For better traction, align your post with your marketing campaigns.

10. Q & A Section

Setting up a Q & A section enhances the authenticity of your Google My Business profile, and it’s another ranking factor. You can use the GMB tool to invite anyone to submit questions regarding the listing of your business. Both the general community and business owners can answer these questions.

To get a greater ranking on Google, we recommend you always check and answer new questions. It will reduce the risk of someone else answering the query with the wrong information.

Moreover, if you actively answer these questions regularly, Google will get a stronger ranking signal. Feed this ranking signal into the Google algorithm to get a higher ranking.

11. Reviews & Response

Before engaging with a business or choosing a product, most internet customers read reviews about it. Google also considers it another vital ranking factor, primarily influencing consumer purchases.

The positive word on behalf of your customers is the greatest publicity for your business. Your Google My Business account listing can show both positive and negative reviews. Customer reviews and responses to the reviews dramatically help to build a trusted reputation online.

However, to know more about the Google My Business ranking factors, we recommend you watch this video:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are the Critical Factors In Getting A Good Ranking On Google?

High-quality content, page experience, mobile-first, page speed, and internal & external linking are some of the good ranking factors of Google.

What Are the Top Three Ranking Factors For Google My Business?

Correct information, updating the profile regularly, and verification of business are your Google My Business’s top three ranking factors.

How Can I Improve My Google Ranking Fast?

To fastly improve your Google ranking, improve the user experience of your website, get more backlinks, and optimize your content and image. Also, write great SEO-optimized content, fix broken links, use H1 and H2 header tags, fix broken links, etc.

Wrap Up

So, after going through the above article, you already know the Google my business ranking factors 2023. All these rankings factors mentioned above help greatly to improve the visibility of your Business profile in Google search results. So while developing your GMB profile, you must consider and focus on all these factors.

From our end, we have explained all the ranking factors that affect the ranking of your GMB account on Google. Now if you have any further queries, you can comment. Soon we will reply to you.

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