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Nothing is more important than the first impression when it comes to branding or marketing. The same thing applies to your websites when a user landed on your website for the very first time. When a user clicks a button or inputs a URL, he expects an immediate reaction. He wants a working website serving him with a better experience. As resources are not limited anymore, consumers are going where their expectations are met. That’s why business owners should put more importance on their website speed optimization services.

With the growth of the web and the way it responds, the bar for loading times and speed has also been raised significantly. WordPress currently powers half of the web space. That means hundreds of different plugins, themes, and technologies are there to coexist. Hence, the possibility for everything to get entangled in an average WordPress site is high. It can lead the site owners to choke, giving them no idea why, how, or where to look for the solutions.

You are in extreme luck if you don’t need to hire someone to manage your websites. Because maybe you have all the experience or skills to optimize your site for faster speed. Otherwise, you have to seek assistance from others or have to pay the professionals to do it. In this article, we will reveal the 5 best WordPress speed optimization services. All of these companies are highly proficient in what they do. They will give complete and efficient WordPress optimization services. But before, let’s learn how a WordPress site speed optimization service provider can reduce your hassles.


Reasons You Should Hire Dedicated Website Speed Optimization Service, Providers

Using different plugins is an easy way to optimize speed and other factors that are liable for a site’s performance. But picking the best plugins and configuring them to get the most optimal result is not always as easy as ABC.

Most of the WordPress plugins operate automatically by default. They implement automated choices, often leading the website to have performance issues. Ultimately, site owners need to assign professionals to protect websites against these complexities.

Other than just not getting into doubtful plugins, leaving your site’s performance in the hands of a good WordPress optimization service has a few more perks. Such as

  • Ensuring your page rank higher in Google search
  • Keeping your website fresh and update
  • Evaluating your WordPress website and customizing it for the most optimal performance
  • Optimizing your site’s database
  • Maintaining the number and functions of the apps for better synchronization and performance.
  • Handling and optimizing all the nitty-gritty technical parts of a website that are liable for the site’s speed

When you have a fairly small site, establish a staging version and then experiment with caching. Also, implement optimization plugins to ensure the fastest speed you can get.


5 Best WordPress Speed Optimization Service Provider Agencies

WordPress speed optimization services take on the responsibilities of analyzing website assets, assessing overall performance, reoccurring problems, and server influence on speed, and resolving them via their expertise, experience, and cache setup. We will talk about the 5 best service providers who can help you with the best website maintenance service.

The 5 Best WordPress Speed optimization Service Provider Agencies are:

  1. ExertPro
  2. WP Buffs
  3. Fixmysite
  4. WP Faster
  5. Wpspeedfix

Let’s elaborate on the features and functionalities of these agencies:


1. ExertPro

The first one of our lists is none other than the ExertPro. They conduct many tests to understand your site’s present situation thoroughly. ExertPro has a track record of satisfied customers who use its service to optimize the speed of their WordPress websites.

You will get a thorough pre-performance audit and possible scope for improvement from ExertPro professionals. Our WordPress speed optimization service guarantees that your site has all the features optimized for speed. ExertPro also helps you to have the fastest WordPress host.

Key Features of ExertPro:

  • Optimizing Images for WordPress
  • Minifying Javascript & CSS
  • Render Blocking Resources
  • Enabling Compression
  • Removing Query Strings
  • Optimizing Mobile Experience


ExertPro gives the complete website speed optimization service at a price that fits your budget adaptable. ExertPro provides three different one-time payment package plans. They are EXP Basic, EXP Advance, and EXP Premium and cost respectively $49, $79, and $119.

WordPress Speed Optimization


2. WP Buffs

WP buff is one of the most popular WordPress optimization service providers right now. They provide a variety of tools to improve the speed and performance of your website. They classify a website into five-level and ensure that every level is properly optimized.

Clients who have utilized their service used to rave about them. There isn’t any question that the WP Buffs professionals meet customers’ demands efficiently and transparently. They publish WP Buffs detailed case studies in which you can learn about customers’ experiences with the company.

Key features of the WP Buffs:

  • Analyzing hosting performance
  • Removing render or other blocking issues
  • Ensuring image optimization
  • Leveraging browser caching
  • Minify Javascript
  • Minify CSS
  • Enabling Gzip compression
  • Removing query string
  • Reviewing server response time
  • Optimizing CSS


WP Buffs also provides website editing services 24 hours a day, ongoing security, weekly updates, 24/7 emergency support, and site backup.
They offer five critical services, as noted above. They provide a few pricing plans to their customers on a monthly or annual basis. Monthly plans range from $79 to $447. Annual plans range from $66 to $373.


3. Fixmysite

For business owners who want their WordPress website to load quickly and smoothly for their visitors, Fixmysite is the perfect WordPress speed optimization service for them. Fixmysite checks the website’s loading speed as a critical aspect in a website entirely focused on attracting more visitors.

They install efficient plugins that enable browser caching, HTML/JavaScript/CSS minification, and slow image loading. Also, the technical staff at Fixmysite optimize the WordPress website’s graphics, database, and content.

Fixmysite also studies and takes measures to optimize the WordPress themes and aid for a better, smarter user experience.

Key Features of Fixmysite:

  • Compressing images
  • Ensuring database optimization
  • Optimizing website caching
  • Running Wp optimize
  • Minifying HTML, CSS & JS
  • Merging lazing loading images
  • Providing WordPress migration service
  • Implementing nitro pack


Fixmysite provides more than one pricing plan to its clients. These plans are service-based pricing, and every plan seems reasonable for the provided services. You can take their help to optimize your website’s speed for only $89.


4. WP Faster

When you’re in need of speed optimization guidelines, Wp Faster is the place to go. This site has assisted thousands of users in improving their scores GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, and Lighthouse. If you’re looking for a heads-up on setup caching plugins, Wp Faster will also help you there too.

The WP Faster WordPress speed optimization service agency claims to provide the best service. They ensure 100% speed in practically every performance testing measurement. If you want an efficient WordPress optimization service, you should contact WP Faster.

Key Features of WP Faster:

  • Proper server optimization
  • Performing hosting migration
  • Configuring caching plugin
  • Cloudflare speed test
  • Optimizing images
  • Godaddy CDN
  • Stimulating speed up WordPress
  • Reducing total blocking time


The pricing at WP Faster will depend on different aspects of your necessities. Like, comprehensive service coverage charges more than partial services. Moreover, criteria like the type of hosting service, number of pages you want to optimize, whether you want to optimize your CloudFlare account, etc.


5. Wpspeedfix

WP Speed Fix is well-known and provides a comprehensive variety of services. From rapid repairs to comprehensive training for a development team responsible for WordPress speed optimization service. Additionally, as part of WPSPeedfix’s premier business solution, they will move a website to VPS hosting.

WP Speed Fix begins by doing a comprehensive speed assessment on a website to identify the primary issues contributing to the slow page speed. The agency often identifies four to five major issues that need fixing. Nota bene – you will have to provide these people full access to the backend and the Cpanel to address the issues.

WP Speed Fix estimates a response time of 3-5 business days after they get your information; however, this may be sooner.

Key Features of WP Speed Fix:

  • Providing speed consultation
  • Installing and configuring cache plugin
  • Configuring theme settings
  • Maintaining google page peed
  • Conducting Speed-testing
  • Auditing plugin
  • Analyzing databasদe
  • Godaddy PHP


The standard plan costs $179. It includes a time target of fewer than 3 seconds. The average loading time for a website hosted on a high-quality server is between 1 and 1.5 seconds. The business package costs $249. Its target response time is less than 1 second. Also, it includes a Vultr VPS server migration.


Wrap Up

WordPress sites often take a long time to load due to bad theme design. Using an excessive number of plugins, unnecessary scripts, server settings, and hosting bundles are also liable for the speed issue. An elite WordPress speed optimization service can aid in the speeding up of your site by analyzing and eventually resolving these technical difficulties.

This article has familiarised you with such WordPress optimization service providers. They ensure optimal speed for your site, compressing images, minifying codes, creating sitemaps, etc.

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