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WordPress Web Development is the most trendy website technology over the years. WordPress holds one of the highest spots compared to other CMS systems controlling 40% of the internet. No matter what you run a normal portfolio site to business site to e-commerce site, WordPress will be on the top of the list because of its adaptability & accessibility to any business ecosystem.

WordPress Web Design & Web Development trends are dynamic & evolve all the time with the latest technology in the market. Custom WordPress Web Development enables developers to make a website with the best web design, drag & drop page builders with minimalistic themes & plugins.

Since the launch of WordPress, it is ruling the web development sector & almost 64% of the web with its super customization power. So, as an enterprise or individual (as WP developers), to maintain your customer in a mannered way, you must have to cope up with the latest web development trends.

In this article, we are going to share with you the top web development trends in 2022 in a nutshell.

Why WordPress is important for Web Design & Web Development

WordPress is a free CMS platform trusted by millions of users around the globe. WordPress is highly customizable with plenty of themes & plugins. One can easily create & personalize a website that aligns with the needs perfectly.

Here I have mentioned 5 reasons why you should use WordPress for web development & design-

    1. The first thing to mention, it is Free & open source. From bloggers to business owners, anyone can choose WordPress to cater their service to their targeted audience.
    2. It is customizable through a variety of themes. WordPress Themes allows you to create websites with different designs & styles. It is a great advantage for non-techies. Choose the best theme & get started!
    3. It is scalable, which means you can develop your website using your desired plugins from the WordPress directory. WordPress offers both free & paid plugins. You will never run out of plugins as you get plugins from every niche you need.
    4. WordPress websites are SEO-friendly. Also, you will find an SEO plugin(e.g. Yoast SEO) that will give suggestions like- meta title, metadata, H1 titles, content length, etc to optimize your website’s content.
    5. It supports a variety of media contents – image, video, audios, gif. You can either upload files or insert any URL to display media files.

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Top WordPress Web Development Trends To Watch In 2022

For several years WordPress remains the most successful CMS system because of its vast functionality, customization & other popular features & hopefully the same for the upcoming 2022. As the web development sector is changing every day with the latest trends, WordPress combines the best technology for web development. Let us highlight some top WordPress trends here.

1. Easy To Use Drag & Drop Page Builder

WordPress is designed to serve you the high customization of any plugin provided by the WP repository. You don’t need any coding knowledge to create an attractive page on your website. Page builder plugins are now offering a drag-&-drop feature that enables anyone to just drag any elements & drop where you want. You can create an easy & customized web page with flexible layouts. The major advantage is that you can view a live appearance of how that particular page looks on the front end.

For sure, this feature will rule the top place of the best technology for web development trends. Right now, Elementor & Divi are the top drag & drop page builders you will find.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

2. Voice Search For Websites Search Optimization

This is another web development technology that will remain popular in the upcoming years. Voice search is becoming an integral part of websites, especially for e-commerce. Users can easily navigate your site & can find their desired products in no time. It increases the conversion rate of website traffic & improves the SEO factors.

How can we forget to mention the two top most popular voice-assistant – Alexa & Siri. Hence the voice assistant plugin for WordPress will cover 50% of the online search. Organizations & Enterprises need to be focused on this feature & for that redesigning their website is mandatory.

3. Using WordPress For E-commerce

It is true that the approach towards online product purchase is increasing rapidly. One of the major reasons is the COVID-19 situation. As a result, e-commerce websites are continuously developing to serve the best eCommerce experience they can. And again people are trusting WordPress as a strong platform for their e-store. Small business to large enterprise, WordPress e-commerce development module is powering  28% of the eCommerce websites.

With the help of plugins like WooCommerce, you can design simple to multi-functional online to provide your desired service.woocommerce

4. Minimalistic & Multipurpose Themes

When it comes to WordPress, there are vast opportunities to tailor your website using themes that match your brands’ vision.

A good minimalistic theme refers to a perfect ratio of white space required for your website. It enhances the mobile friendliness of your website. If your user has to scroll for a large CTA button then it gets clumsy sometimes. Minimalistic theme reduces unnecessary details & focuses on your website’s content, product, articles. Also, it will help you to showcase your products or services in a systematic way.

Multi-Purpose themes mean that fulfill every websites’ needs irrespective of website niches. It allows admins to choose any style with a different layout. Large enterprises need different types of functionality from a theme plugin, here come multipurpose themes handy. It will allow you to use a variety of options that aligns with your websites’ purpose.

So, minimalistic themes with simple design mean minimalistic web design. This is currently trending in the WordPress community & definitely will hold this craze in the upcoming years.

5. Custom Post Type Development

Custom Post type development aka “CPT” allows any user to create a custom post despite the default WordPress post type. It is one of the significant features & gaining appreciation from the community. It boosts up your WordPress functionality by allowing users to create custom-made post-types & posts. E-commerce sites are the perfect platform to develop CPT features as it requires customized post layout & product information.

Some popular CPT plugins are Pods, ACF & Meta Box. So, we can say that CPT will control the Content management parts of WordPress Site development for the upcoming future.

6. Mobile-Friendly Web Development

Near future, WordPress is going to be on the go CMS platform. 54% of website traffic only belongs to mobile devices. Hence we can assume the importance of mobile-friendliness of the websites.

So, web developers should be more focused on the mobile-first approaches to cope up with these latest trends.

7. Responsive & Leight-Weight  Web Design

Minimalistic web design makes your website neat & clean. And a clean website helps to enhance the performance of the website. Web developers & Webmasters should confirm some facts to keep up with the trends:

    1. Simple & easy to navigate website design structure.
    2. Web design that associates right thumb
    3. Light-wight web structure for optimizing page loading speed.

8. Gutenberg Block Editor Development

One of the most hyped trends of 2021 & for sure 2022 also – Gutenberg Block Editor. Now, creating content is easy & handy with the help of Gutenberg block editor. Gutenberg block consists of- templates, design tools, block patterns & global styles.  It allows users to edit entire web pages using blocks though this is in the experimental phase.

Gutenberg editor has changed the way of developing themes, navigation menu, multiple media blocks, and so on. In October’21, Gutenberg 11.6 was released with lots of feature improvements & enhancements. So, we can expect in the upcoming year they will cover major aspects of WordPress.

9. Websites Powered By AI

Artificial Intelligence is the ultimate foundation for the upcoming future. All the latest technologies are updating based on AI. Facebook, Twitter, Google all are evolving centering on this AI. And web development sectors are not different. WordPress web development is progressing focusing on giving clients AI-based services.

E-commerce websites are developing based on AI to give the customer a better & smooth user experience. Advanced AI technology helps users to present visually appealing products that increase sales. Customer interactions are getting better in all these years with the assistance of AI. You can easily get the idea of what your customer wants from you & following this you can develop your internal website development aspects. 

As a business owner, you must have to know these latest trends to boost up sales & provide customer satisfaction.

10. ChatBots


To give better user satisfaction you have to confirm your customer support is top-notch. Now, a human can’t give you 24*7*365 customer service, but an AI-powered Chatbots or Virtual assistant can. Chatbots can help you to-

    1. Build a strong customer relation by replying to client queries instantly.
    2. Navigate websites
    3. Collect analytical data of traffic
    4. Solve the basic issues of the service through support

Without any doubt, Chatbots are going to be one of the other most used WordPress features for the coming years.

11. Incorporation Of Video & Animation

Nowadays, apart from text content, Videos, animation & GIF are taking place to keep the best SEO ranking as well as enhance the outlook of the website. Websites having visual illustration helps users to engage the entire time they are navigating.  Also video content helps to gain clients’ trust for the products or services towards the company. Apart from all these points, one thing worth mentioning is video review makes a huge impact on your sites’ SEO ranking.

Day by day videos are gaining importance to convey the purpose of the service. So, we can easily predict that this recent trend in web development is going to take over in the upcoming 2022.

Bottom Line

WordPress has been evolving since its release in 2003. These latest trends like- Gutenberg improvements, simple & lightweight web structures, AI-powered virtual assistance are the indicator that there is always scope for improvement for the web developers. With this new era of personalization of technology, WordPress core updates & improvements definitely will impact the future of the CMS platform. 

If you are a WordPress user & want to update your web service or products then you should have to keep up with the latest web development trend

Wrapping up, these are the major improvements we have discussed that will be a part of upcoming WordPress trends 2022. 

So, if you have decided on WordPress migration or any WordPress web development service, research the latest trend to cope up with the WordPress mainstream.


1. What is the next big thing in web development?

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence will take over the 90% web development sector. All the tedious work done by web designers & developers will be automated in near future. 

2. Is WordPress good for web development?

WordPress is good for web development for several reasons like-

      1. WordPress is a free CMS platform with an advanced update management system.
      2. Provides multiple media types.
      3. WordPress directory is full of ready-to-use plugins & themes irrespective of website niche.
      4. Easy to use & customize  for non-techies
      5. Helps to increase SEO ranking
      6. Massive WordPress community for developers
      7. Enhanced support & security
      8. It is open source

3. Is WordPress the future of web design?

You should keep in mind that, as a web designer you have to build an easy-to-navigate design/ Most importantly it will not impact website loading speed. A neat & clean website design increases conversion rate, sales & traffic.

4. Which are the top WordPress design trends for 2022?

A clean web design not only improves your website’s quality but increases a better user experience for the user. An ideal web structure is to understand your business motto & provide the purpose incorporating text, images & videos. By, implementing the right design tools make sure to deliver a functional website.

      1. Minimalistic & simple design
      2. More focus  from static to dynamic design where content should be constantly updated
      3. Bold typography
      4. Soothing color schemes 
      5. Modern look with video, motion graphics, animations & gif
      6. Implementation of Gutenberg block editor
      7. Slide designs
      8. Implementation of 3D & augmented reality
      9. Usage of Glass Morphism

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