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The importance and value of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for ranking the website faster and higher in search engines is behind the description. But performing your site’s SEO audit is not an easy task. It’s very time-consuming and difficult. But the best SEO audit tools make this challenging task easier for you.

Several SEO audit tools help users to conduct audits easily on their websites. The technical SEO audit tools are specialized enough to discover any complicated SEO problems that may cause hamper to your web pages. After extensive trials and research, we have listed the following tools for your website SEO audit.

5 Best SEO Audit Tools:

The list of 5 best audit tools for SEO are the following:

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Screaming Frog
  4. SEO Checker
  5. GTmetrix

Now, let’s discuss the details A-Z of each of these tools:

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console Dashboard

Google Search Console is undoubtedly one of the best free SEO audit tools. Using this free audit tool, you can analyze your website’s various aspects. Also, you can greatly improve the SEO of your site using this tool. Google Webmaster Tools was later named Google Search Console.

Google Search Console offers different greatest features for its users. Directly this search console offers extensive metrics of search performance. It provides a big performance metrics following which you can identify your site’s SEO issue by analyzing the 16 months’ data. 

The Google search console is a technical tool that offers you various benefits. One of the greatest benefits is getting the accessibility and indexation issues idea by quickly scanning the insights. Moreover, Google Search Console provides the details, including Accelerated Mobile Pages, HTML, broken links, structured data, and content quality.

Features of Google Search Console

  • Test, monitor, and tracks your AMP pages
  • Provides customized audit reports
  • Directly from the Googlebot, the Search console proves crawl stats
  • Handle all the user experience issues
  • Highlights the indexing failure attempts
  • Also, identify and highlights errors pages, including 404 and 500
  • Help to analyze the keyword performance by offering a special content keywords tool
  • Immediately after identifying any issues by Google, the Search Console sends the email alerts
  • It helps to comprehend your keyword’s strength
  • Bring more organic and real-time traffic to your website by providing information on various queries
  • Review the site’s index coverage
  • It perfectly reveals that Google’s indexed all pages


2. Google Analytics

From analyzing your website’s audience to trends, everything Google Analytics can do for you. Mainly this is one of the best free SEO report generator tools, and it is related to Trends and Analytics. Also, you can check the speed of your website using this tool.

Geographical data presentation and analysis is one of the most basic and important features of Google Analytics. According to the per city audience, Google Analytics represents the audience’s geographical data. Also, it displays the audience’s geographical data depending on the country, nation, city, and continent.

After analyzing Google Analytics’ audience report, you can align the marketing and business strategy in a better way with the respective regions. After implementing a small code into your website, Google Analytics will automatically perform the whole process. Moreover, it will save both your effort and time. Its attributes are:

Features of Google Analytics

  • It offers reporting and visualization (Develop advertising reports, behavior reports, audience reports, real-time reports, and conversion reports.)
  • You can view the chart’s various reports and metrics through the visualization feature.
  • Tag management helps the user easily add the tracking code to the app or website.
  • The integrations feature helps manage all ROI, marketing analytics, various metrics, and ROAS in one place.
  • Funnel analysis including multi-channel funnels, shopping and checkout funnels
  • Data activation includes intelligent anomaly detection, audience demographics, and predictive analysis.
  • Smart goals help the users to run their digital businesses successfully.


3. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the important and best audit tools for SEO, but it’s not like the other tools. It is not a cloud-based tool or software. Rather it’s an installable tool. This installable tool crawls through your site and audits SEO problems, extracts on-site data, and analyses real-time results.

For scraping the HTML data from the website or web pages, both the website owners and digital marketers can easily use this tool. Using this tool, the user can also analyze page titles, Meta descriptions, broken links, and server errors to identify permanent and temporary redirects and flag up the blocked URLs.

This tool offers excellent features to monitor your website’s SEO strategy’s health. This software’s free/unpaid and paid version is available. The features of free/unpaid and paid versions are different. The paid version comprises all the attributes of the free versions and offers additional benefits and features to the users. The features of these technical tools are the following:

Features of Screaming Frog

  • Evaluates URL structure and internal linking
  • Identifies copied elements and duplicated content 
  • Sets up image XML Sitemaps and regular XML Sitemaps
  • Integrates with Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insight APIs, and Google Analytics
  • Assesses the meta descriptions and pages titles
  • Using the meta robots, robots.txt, and X-Robots-Tag directives reveal the ULRs blockage
  • Also, using the XPath, CSS Path, and regex, this Screaming Frog tool extracts data
  • Finds the server errors and broken links
  • Discovers both the permanent and temporary redirects and the redirect loops and chains

If you get the Screaming Frog’s paid version, then you will enjoy the following additional features:

  • Custom robots.txt
  • Custom source code search
  • Crawl configuration
  • Validation and structured data
  • Free technical support

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4. SEO Checker

One of the best free SEO audit tools is SEO Checker. Using this tool, you can analyze and check the SEO of your website. While using this tool, you have to input the URL of your website in this tool. This tool will prepare a report and send it to your email by analyzing most of the technical issues. You will get the details results of your website in this report.

You will get various information about your website using this SEO audit tool. It will tell your SEO’s health score immediately. The health score of your SEO will tell whether the SEO of your website is okay, good, or poor. Also, this tool will tell you the way to improve your site’s faster load speeds. It is another best free SEO report generator. And this tool displays your website’s comprehensive reports.

In search engine such as Google, the ranking of your business site or website is greatly influenced by the Meta tags. This unpaid SEO audit tool will help you assess your site or page’s Meta tags. Also, this software will tell you the way to improve the Meta tags on your page to get better rankings on the search engine. The noteworthy features of this are:

Features of SEO Checker

  • Indicates your site’s SEO health by telling the SEO score
  • Analyze the site speed and shows you the way to improve faster load speeds
  • Meta tag assessment and suggest the way of enhancing meta tags for better rankings
  • Help the user to find out whether your website is perfectly mobile-friendly or not. It also tells the way of making a mobile-friendly site.
  • Perform the site’s code analysis job
  • Checking the URL optimization


5. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is not only one of the best free SEO audit tools, but it is more than this. This tool is a website crawler per se, and also it reviews the performance of your website. Subsequently, this tool offers you a quick insight into your site’s technical health.

After taking a test using GTmetrix, you can view your site’s page loading speeds. Also, you can see the size of your site’s page and the parameters of other corresponding performances. The performance parameters include image scaling, caching, and scripts.

Up to 25 parameters are available in GTmetrix. To identify the possible SEO-related issues in your site, you can use all these parameters or pointers. All these parameters can easily affect your web page’s performance. The noteworthy features of GTmetrix are the following.

Features of GTmetrix

  • In real-time filmstrip view, the GTmetrix displays your site’s page load.
  • Using four graphs, it displays the performance metrics. The four graphs are Page Timings, Performance/Structure scores, Web vitals, and Size & Request counts.
  • Up to four times, it slows the loading playback to evaluate the loading problems.
  • Focuses on the metrics of user experience
  • On over 20 numerous variants and mobile devices, the GTmetrix stimulates your site’s page performance.
  • Offers numerous performance milestones like Total Blocking Time, Largest Contentful Paint, blocking option, and Cumulative Layout Shift
  • Globally from 22 different locations using 44 servers, GTmetrix examines and verifies your page’s performance.
  • Use Google Lighthouse to assess your web pages.

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Final Words

To ensure the effective drive of organic traffic and leads to your website, you require SEO techniques and the best SEO audit tools. The SEO audit tools will help you to analyze your website’s SEO effectively, whether you use the free or paid tools. All the tools mentioned above are greater SEO strategy researching options for the users.

However, if you require an in-depth SEO audit for your website, you can contact ExertPro. The SEO audit services of ExertPro will give your website’s transparent analysis, including technical, on-page, and off-page SEO. If any issue prevents the ranking of your website in the search engine, we will reveal that issue and solve it. You can trust ExertPro’s SEO service.


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