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Google local guide program allows explorers to share their photos, reviews, ratings, knowledge, facts, and many more thing in the global community. Anyone can quickly become a Google local guide by signing up for a Google account. By becoming a local guide, you can share your experiences and secrets. Also, the Local guides greatly help the searchers to find their local businesses and places.

However, there is some dark side to this Google Local Guide Program also. Some people argue that this program is dangerously flawed and Gamified by nature. But we are not here to argue. Instead, let’s explore the Local Guides program, including its perks and other details. So, let’s dive into the discussion:  


What Is The Google Local Guide Program?

The global community of explorers, like people who share photos, and reviews, add or edit places, answer questions and check different facts on Google Maps, is called the local guides. Millions of people depend on local guides before taking decisions regarding what to do and where to go.

One example of a local guide is when you look up information about a new city; Google Local guides help you by providing the city’s information. Millions of searchers like yours depend on Google. And local guides selflessly provide information, add photos and videos and contribute reviews.


How To Become A Local Guide On Google 2023?

Becoming a local guide on Google is easy. Follow the easy steps below to become the Google local guide:

Local Guide Program Registration Step - 1

Step 1: First off, go to the signup page of Google Local Guides. And then, you will get the option “Get Started”. Click on it. 

Local Guide Program Registration Step - 2

Step 2: Enter your city’s name and click “I Agree to the Program Rules”. Afterward, go for the option “Become A Local Guide.”

Local Guide Program Registration Step - 4

Step 3: Finally, start contributing to Google Maps by adding photos, videos, or reviews and earn points. 

Local Guide Program  Registration Step - 5

Following these steps, you can also be a part of Google local guide’s program. So, if you are enthusiastic enough, let’s sign up for it today! 


Points, Levels & Badges

You can earn many Google maps points by becoming a local Google guide. However, below in detail, we are now explaining the point system. You can level up and earn points by contributing to the Google guide community.

LevelPointsList Of Contributions
Level – 10 – 4
  • Sign up for the Newsletter of Google Local Guides
  • Join Google-hosted hangouts and workshops
  • Get a chance to enter the Google Guides exclusive contests
Level – 25-49
  • Get the new Google features and product’s early access
  • The Google Guides calendar promotes the meet-ups
Level – 350 – 199
  • Get the badge of Google local guides and get noticed on Google Maps
  • Connect with Google local guides community’s other local guides
  • Be the local guides community channel’s moderator
  • In selected cities, receive the Google-hosted event’s invitation
Level – 4200 – 499
  • Get free Google Drive Storage from 15 GB to 1TB
  • Eligible guides will be featured in the online channels of Local Guide
Level – 5500 – Above points
  • Be a Google insider
  • Become eligible to attend the summit of International Local Guides


Benefits Of Being A Google Local Guide

For adventurous volunteers, the Local Guide program of Google is a setup through which they can share their travel experiences and local knowledge. Other like-minded people will enjoy these photos and reviews on Google.

The Local Guide offers local businesses great insights to future customers through sharing the local business’s photos and knowledge. You will earn points in specific numbers when you contribute to the Google Local Guides program by uploading pictures or leaving reviews.

For example, you will get 10 points for reviewing a local business. Again you will get extra 10 points for giving in-depth reviews over 200 characters. Go through the following table below to learn how many points you can earn by contributing to Google maps:

Maps ContributionPoints Earned
Photo5 points per photo
Review10 points per review
Rating1 point per rating
In-depth review of more than 200 characters10 bonus points per review
Photo tags3 points per tag
Edit5 points per edit
Video7 points per video
Place added15 points per place added
Answer1 point per answer
Road added15 points per road added
Place added15 points per road added
Eligible list published10 points per published list
Fact checked1 point per fact-checked
Description5 points per description
Respond to Q & A3 points per response


The higher level you will achieve in this program, the more points you get. To make more points, you have to make more contributions. However, Google frequently refers to several benefits for the participants of the Google Local Guides. Enthusiastic Google users will find these points interesting.

So, one of the most exciting benefits is getting the new Google feature’s early access. Moreover, Google Local Guides from its partner can receive unique benefits or perks. But Google didn’t clearly describe what the perks are or which partner will provide them.

However, by signing in to the Google Local Guide Program, you can definitely earn massive points on different levels. Below we are presenting a point chart to make it clearer:

Level 10 Points
Level 215 Points
Level 375 Points
Level 4250 Points
Level 5500 Points
Level 61,500 Points
Level 75,000 Points
Level 815,000 Points
Level 950,000 Points
Level 10100,000 Points


How To Earn Google Local Guide Points And Badges

As a location guide on Google, you can earn points and badges by sharing photos, videos, or reviews or editing placing on Google maps. Becoming more active means making more points and accessing more Google features. However, to achieve the local guide points and badges from Google, you have to follow the ways below:

  • Review a place and rate it
  • Add a specific place’s photos
  • On the map, edit a road or edit the information about a place
  • About a place, answer the particular questions
  • Add a missing place
  • Check facts about the nearby places
  • Explore and add dishes
  • Respond quickly to Q & A


The Dark Side Of Google Local Guides

Although the Google Local Guides and Maps were started with the right intent, some guides are not meant to be for the Google eco-system wholesomeness. They are in the local directory to collect rewards and badges for a quick dopamine hit.

There is a concept named Gamification to apply the game mechanics to non-gaming situations. In real life, you can also recognize it. For example, your tedious or normal everyday tasks give a rush of excitement, fun, and reward. 

In Google local guide, Gamification earns a badge by leaving a review. Or when you drive, you are collecting candy on Waze, also called Gamified. Savvy product designers and marketers to increase overall fun, excitement and loyalty apply Gamification techniques to their services and products. There is no difference between the Local Guides and Google Maps; they are almost the same. 

However, the Local Guide’s Gamified dopamine perks can influence people’s behavior. Due to this influential behavior, people in Local Guides can do things to gain the badges and points, overlooking the community’s benefits.

Your Local Guide level will become higher if you earn more points. In short, initially, Local Guide was a great idea. But over time, the poor implementation of this program degraded its value by lessening the contributor’s integrity. While scrolling through the Q & section, you may find many sarcastic answers that are not helpful but have earned points.


How To Tell If A Local Guide Is Trustworthy

So, after going through the negative side of the Local Guide program, you may question whether it is trustworthy. Unfortunately, the fact is not all Local Guides are trustworthy for the right reasons. The Local Guides, in the majority, contribute to the ecosystem, but fake ratings or reviews through this program also harm businesses.

But now the question is why the local guides do this. The easy answer is unlocking badges, scoring points, and earning clout is addictive and exciting. To get all these, some peoples follow dishonest ways. And that is why they prefer giving fake reviews to helpful and honest ones.

Usually, people who search for a local business or restaurant on Google trusts the recommendations and reviews from a Local Guide. But ironically, reviews from them sometimes become fake and unrealistic.

The intention of the Google Local Guide Program was mainly to ensure reliably accurate, valuable information to the searchers. But unfortunately, individuals just to earn a Local Guide badge give an increasing amount of harmful and unnecessary reviews. So, our recommendation is before trusting any guide, click on their profile and check whether they are trying to game the system intentionally or not.


How To Protect Your Business From Bad Reviews

So, are you worried about how to protect your business from the shifty competitor’s competition or Local Guide’s fake review? Ok, relax! Even though removing fake reviews is a tough job, it’s possible. Remember, playing a potent offense is the best defense.

However more effective way to defend against bad reviews is to use the tools like Cloutly. Using it proactively, you can pass new business reviews from customers to other review sites. This will help you to bury your business’s negative and fake reviews and build customers’ trust. Moreover, you can promote your business by creating Google Review QR code generator.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you earn money from the local guide program?

No! You can’t earn money from the Google Local Guide program. It’s not a paid program. Moreover, according to the program rules, Local Guides for their contributions don’t earn money.

Why doesn’t Google incentivize its Google local guide program?

It’s not correct that Google doesn’t incentivize its program. Google does incentivize its Local guide program by giving levels, points, and badges. But Google doesn’t offer any monetary payment incentive for this program.

Is the Google local guide program about to end?

No! The local guide program of Google not going to end.

When did the Google local guide program start?

In 2015, Google launched its local guide program. This Local Guide Program allows the most active Maps contributors to earn the tastemaker’s status. The local guide mainly posts photos and videos and writes in-depth business reviews to help the map users.

Does Yelp have a program that’s similar to how Google has local guides?

Yes! Google’s Local Guide program is seemingly similar to Yelp’s program. Both in Yelp and Google’s programs, the user gains the tastemaker’s status and gets invited to special parties and events.


Final Thoughts

The Google local guide program is extremely helpful for searchers who often look for information about cities, places, restaurants, etc. This local guide program performs a very important job for Google Maps by offering reviews, sharing images and videos, etc. For local consumers, all information is very much helpful. Therefore, Google local guide is an excellent source of information for searchers.


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