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Google local business ranking is a crucial marketing tool for businesses. This tool helps your business to attract new customers and stand out from your competitors. Since Google ranking is crucial, it is essential to know how to improve your Google local business ranking.

You can improve Google local business ranking in several ways, like entering complete data in your local business profile, verifying location, adding photos, etc.

Also, to improve the ranking, manage & respond to reviews, keep business hours accurate & up to date, add in-store products, etc.

After conducting thorough research, we have discovered various ways to improve your Google local business ranking. So sharply, read this guide till the end to know what we have discovered. Happy reading!

7 Ways To Improve Google Local Business Ranking?

If someone searches for a place or business close to their location, they will get the result across Google in places like Search or Maps. However, to improve the Google local business ranking, you must follow the tips below:

1. Enter Complete Data

First Way To Improve Google Local Business Ranking

Local results prioritize the most relevant results for each search. Businesses with accurate and complete information can match correctly with the right searches. It is essential to keep your information up-to-date when your business undergoes any changes.

You must input all your business information in your Google My Business profile. The complete business information in your profile will inform customers about your business. The customers will get to know where you are, what you do, and when they can visit.

However, the basic information that you must include in your Business profile are the following:

  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • Attributes
  • Category etc.

Keeping your Google local business profile up-to-date can help you gain the benefits of the Google platform. Ensure that on the local search results, Google prominently displays all your business’s information.

You can take special care of your business profile through your Google My Business dashboard and keep it up-to-date.

2. Verify Your Locations

Second Way To Improve Google Local Business Ranking

Verifying your business location can increase the likelihood of your business appearing in local search results on Maps, Search, and other Google Products.

3. Add Photos

Third Way To Improve Google Local Business Ranking

We recommend you add photos to your Business profile to improve the local ranking. Adding photos to your business profile lets you showcase your services and goods and tell your business story to the customers.

Moreover, the appealing and accurate pictures on your Business profile will show your business offers to the shoppers. Local business listings with photos drive more clicks and are considered more reputable compared to those that don’t have photos.

By adding business, the local business becomes more trustworthy and legitimate to the local searchers. It is another way to improve your local business’s credibility to Google. You can improve your local business ranking on search engines by fostering authenticity.

Also, it helps to engage your potential customers with your business. After all, image talks thousands of times better than words.

4. Manage & Respond To Reviews

Fourth Way To Improve Google Local Business Ranking

If any users leave reviews about your business, you must respond. Your reply to the customer’s reviews shows that you value your customers’ feedback.

Positive and high-quality customer reviews can significantly increase the likelihood and improve your business visibility. Positive reviews can also increase the likelihood of shoppers visiting your business location.

Most customers on the internet read reviews before choosing business products. Google also gives priority to reviews and comments that primarily influence consumer purchases. Your customer’s positive review can provide great publicity for your business.

Your local business listings can display both negative and positive reviews. We recommend you respond to both the positive and negative reviews. Try to drive as many as a 5-star rating for your local business. Google will get a signal from the rating about the authenticity of your business.

5. Keep Your Business Hours Accurate

Fifth Way To Improve Google Local Business Ranking

Make sure to update your business hours regularly. Updating this information lets you inform customers about your business’s opening and closing times. Also, provide notice about the holidays and events related to particular hours.

The shoppers can get to know your availability time through accurate hours information. Accurate business hour information can give customers confidence that your local business is open when they arrive.

6. Add In-Store Products

Sixth Way To Improve Google Local Business Ranking

Retail business owners can showcase their products by adding in-store product details to their business profiles.

Your local customers or nearby shoppers can shop from you by seeing these product details. Moreover, it’s another way of improving Google’s local business ranking.

7. Make Sure The GMB Listing Is On Google Maps

Seventh Way To Improve Google Local Business Ranking

Local business gets significant views from Google Maps–based results. Automatically your GMB listing is added to Google Maps. Through Google Maps, your potential customers can search for your business.

So GMB listings help potential customers find accurate and updated information quickly. Verifying your business can improve its ranking on search results, as Google finds it more authentic than your competitors.

Ultimately, this helps boost your local business’s appearance on the SERPs. Make sure your local business profile is Google Guaranteed. Getting the guarantee from Google is not a free opportunity.

But you can gain the customer’s trust through your Google Guaranteed green badge. The green badge provides extra credibility for Google and its customers both.

Watch this video to learn additional ways to improve your Google Local Business ranking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Improve My Local SEO Ranking?

To improve your local SEO rankings, optimize for Google My Business, perform local SEO audits, improve the internal linking structure, etc. Also, add posts on Google My Business, engage on social media, and ensure your address, name, phone number, etc.

How Do I Rank Higher on Google Local Keywords?

You must leverage industry keywords, research local keywords, and use keyword modifiers to rank higher on your Google local keywords.

How Do I Optimize Google For Business for Local SEO?

To optimize the GMB profile, use your business name, write a compelling description and local phone number list, and upload high-resolution videos and photos.


Optimistically after going through this above article, you know how to improve Google local business ranking. We have already pointed out all the ways to improve your ranking on Google local business.

Local business ranking on Google is becoming more advanced. It allows your potential consumers to get the correct information quickly. So, follow our tips mentioned above and improve the ranking of your local business on Google.

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